Hearing Aid Tax Relief

Hearing aids qualify as medical devices that can be claimed at the end of each tax year. Tax relief can be claimed for medical expenses at a standard rate of 20%.

This can help reduce the costs of hearing aids for many people.

How To Apply?
You can only claim for medical expenses if you have a receipt to prove your claim. If you require proof of purchase from Blackberry Hearing please call our team or email information@blackberryhearing.com

You can claim online through Revenue’s myAccount service.

You can simply upload the receipts tracker online.

Our table below gives a breakdown of what can be claimed when purchasing hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Make Price With Grant Applied 20% Tax Relief
Unitron Blu 5 €1,798 €359.60
Widex Moment 330 €2,798 €559.60
Widex Moment 330 CIC €2,798 €559.60
Widex Moment 440 €3,798 €759.60
Unitron Blu 7 €2,798 €559.60
Unitron Vivante V9-R €3,798 €759.60

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