Hearing Aid Tax Relief

Hearing aids qualify as a medical device that can be claimed at the end of each tax year. Tax relief can be claimed for medical expenses at a standard rate of 20%.

This can help reduce the costs of hearing aids for many people as 20% of the overall cost can be refunded.

How To Apply?
You can only claim for medical expenses if you have receipts to prove your claim.
For Audiology expenses or hearing aids, our team will complete the form for you post it to you.

Once complete you can claim online through Revenue’s myAccount service.

By submitting you’re the receipt for your hearing aid, you can simply upload the receipts tracker online.

Our tablet below gives you a breakdown of what can be claimed when purchasing hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Make Price With Grant Applied 20% Tax Relief
Widex Unique 440 €1,798 €359.60
Widex Evoke 440 €2,798 €559.60
Widex Moment 330 €2,798 €559.60
Widex Moment 440 €3,798 €759.60
Unitron Blu €2,798 €559.60
Unitron Blu 5 €1,798 €359.60