Invisible Hearing Aids

Quite often first time hearing aid users are concerned about the appearance of a hearing aid. In most cases, first time users are self-conscious about the design & visibility of the hearing aid. They also may have preconceptions of what the hearing aid looks like when in the ear. This trend has seen the popularity & demand of invisible hearing aids grow in Ireland each year.

Hearing aid technology has developed extensively in the past number of years. Hearing aids now provide clearer sound, smaller appearance & are more battery efficient.

What Is An Invisible Hearing Aid ?

Invisible hearing aids are designed to sit entirely within the ear canal making them almost undetectable. Often referred to as Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) from Audiologists & medical professionals.
Invisible hearing aids are designed to be discreet but also comfortable. At Blackberry Hearing, our Audiologists offer custom fitting by using earmolds, specifically designed to your ear canal.invisible-hearing-aids

Invisible Hearing Aid Models

Blackberry Hearing offer the quiX invisible hearing aid, which is one of the smallest hearing aids today. The quiX invisible hearing provides exceptional hearing quality, with the ability to be comfortably fitted within the bend of the ear canal offering a discreet & comfortable hearing solution.


  • Almost invisible for complete discretion
  • Can be used for exercising, or during sport & outdoor activities
  • Low maintenance & battery efficient
  • Wireless functionality allowing you to connect to your Android or iPhone app
  • Dynamic Sound Scraping – allowing clear speech & sound comprehension
  • Easy removal cord allowing you insert/remove the hearing aid with ease
  • Click Sleeves for a quick and easy instant-fit

<h3″>Are Invisible Hearing Aids The Right Choice For Me ?

Our Audiologists are often asked this question by first time users. Quite often the answer is yes.
If you are concerned about the appearance or size of a hearing aid, an invisible hear aid could be the perfect choice. Our Audiologists are happy to discuss the different hearing aid options and which one may be the best possible solution for you.

Hearing Aid Model With Grant Without Grant
quiX TL 16 G6 €2,598 €3,598

All our invisible hearing aids include:

  • Warranty for 4 years
  • Free batteries for 4 years
  • Free service calls with your Audiologist
  • Free Microsection Ear Wax Removal

Can Invisible Hearing Aids Help with Tinnitus

Like most hearing aids, Tinnitus can be managed by using a hearing aid. Unfortunately there is no cure for Tinnitus but it can be greatly improved by using a hearing aid. Blackberry Hearing have helped a large number of patients suffering from Tinnitus by:

  • Analysing the level of hearing loss.
  • Providing a hearing solution to correct the difference in their hearing loss.
  • Monitoring & adjusting the level of their hearing loss in the future.

Invisible hearing aids are becoming increasingly popular with people suffering from Tinnitus as it allows for a discrete hearing solution.

What Are The Next Steps
If you’re interested in enquiring about an invisible hearing aid, our Audiologists are happy to provide a free hearing test and consultation. Call our team today on 01-6978470 to book your consultation.