How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost In Ireland?

The cost of hearing aids is a frequently discussed topic as there can be vast variances in costs. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of confusion about costs relating to hearing aids & service charges in Ireland.

In this article, we discuss all the different options to provide you with a fully transparent guide to hearing aid prices.

Medical card users can avail of free hearing aids and do not require to pay a fee for their hearing aids. The HSE provides a free Audiology service to medical cardholders. Medical cardholders require a referral from their GP to attend a hearing consultation and then get added to a waiting list to be tested & fitted.

For those who are not entitled to HSE hearing aids or do not wish to wait, there are several options available including the PRSI hearing aid grant and payment plans. For those who do not qualify for free hearing aids from the HSE, PRSI hearing aid grants are available.

Eligibility for the grant is based on the PRSI contributions you have made. The grant can cover up to €500 per hearing aid. The grant can be claimed once every four years and can be checked online using our online form. Our approach to hearing aid pricing is 100% transparent, our Audiologists will never recommend something that does not suit your hearing loss or exceed your budget.

How much should I pay for hearing aids?

This depends on the hearing aid you choose, the technology level, and specifications. With the hearing aid grant applied, you can purchase a pair of digital hearing aids for €1,000 or choose our best in the class rechargeable model for €3,798 with the grant applied.

The top of the range hearing aids with Blackberry Hearing cost €4,798.

The level of hearing loss may also dictate the hearing aid you require. People suffering from severe-to-profound hearing loss may require a more powerful hearing aid that is programmed to meet their exact requirements. People suffering from Tinnitus may also require a Tinnitus masker feature on their hearing aid, to help ease the symptoms. Specific Widex & Unitron models include these features.

Our Audiologists will provide you comprehensive information on each hearing aid and demonstrate which hearing aid may suit your level of hearing loss. Furthermore, our range of hearing aids can be custom fitted with personalized moulds tailored to you.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is 100% transparent and appears on our product brochures & website. Our pricing table below breaks down each model with the type of hearing aid with pricing per pair.

Type Model With Grant Without Grant
Digital  Unitron Blu 5 €1,798 €2,798
Bluetooth Widex Evoke 440 €2,798 €3,798
Invisible Widex Moment 330 €2,798 €3,798
Rechargeable Unitron Blu 7 €2,798 €3,798
Rechargeable Widex Moment 440 €3,798 €4,798

Digital hearing aids from €1,798

Our digital hearing aids include the Unitron Blu 5 which is suited to mild to profound hearing loss.

The Unitron Blu 5  has grown to be one of our most popular hearing aids as it offers excellent value for money while packed full of features. Our range of digital hearing aids comes with a 4-year warranty and free batteries for 2 years.

Bluetooth hearing aids from €2,798

Bluetooth hearing aids tend to be more expensive as they incorporate more features to enhance the performance of the hearing aid. Bluetooth hearing aids allow wireless connectivity to your smartphone, iPad, laptop and stream your TV directly to your hearing aids. As there is more functionality and features, prices tend to be higher than digital hearing aids.

Specific Bluetooth hearing aids also allow remote programming, this means our Audiologists can program and adjust your hearing aid remotely. By simply linking the Bluetooth hearing aid to one of our apps, our Audiologists can remotely adjust your hearing aids without you leaving the comfort of your home.

We have three hearing aids that include Bluetooth functionality including the Widex Evoke 440, Unitron Blu 7 and Widex Moment 440.

Invisible hearing aids from €2,798

Invisible hearing aids have grown in popularity due to their discreet design. Invisible hearing aids are also known as completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids, as the hearing aid is placed into the ear canal & barely visible to the human eye.

We supply the Widex Moment 330 CIC which incorporates smartphone connectivity, long-lasting battery life while in a discreet design. The Widex Moment 330 CIC is available for €2,798 with the hearing aid grant applied.

Rechargeable hearing aids from €2,798 - €3,798

Rechargeable hearing aids have grown to be one of our most popular choices. Both the Widex Moment 440 & Unitron Blu 7 incorporate lithium-ion batteries that allow up to 14 hours of streaming from your smart device. Each model is packed full of features including smartphone connectivity, tv streaming, tinnitus masking & dedicated listening environments.

The Widex Moment 440 & Unitron Moxi Move R are the most expensive in our range but include the most advanced features available.



Can I claim tax back on hearing aids?

A further 20% can be claimed back on the cost of your hearing aids, by completing a MED 1. In order to make a successful expenses claim you will be required to keep your original receipts for 6 years and submit the original. If you require any additional information our team will be happy to help. Make sure to ask our team about tax

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