Hearing Aid Grant

You could save up to €1,000 on hearing aids if you qualify for the hearing aid grant. Simply fill in your details in our online form below to check your grant status.

We simply need 3 pieces of information:

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Hearing Aid Grant

The Department of Social Protection can provide a grant to provide a flat rate grant of up to €500 towards a single hearing aid or €1,000 towards a pair of hearing aids. The Department of Social Protection provide the grant based on a person’s PRSI contribution record, employees and self-employed and their dependent spouse or partner may qualify for the grant. In 2020, 14,000 people availed of financial support towards the cost of hearing aids. The hearing aid grant is available every 4 years, this means if you used your grant in 2018, you most likely qualify in 2022. By completing the form below, our team can check your eligibility online or call 01 6978470

Save up to €1,000

Available every 4 years

Further tax relief available

Instant eligibility check

Our team complete the paperwork

€100 repair grant available

What is the hearing aid grant?

The hearing aid grant is subsidised grant towards the cost of your hearing aids. The grant is based on your social contributions and tax credits. Contributions can cover up to a maximum grant of €1,000 towards the cost of your hearing aid every four years. You can also claim up to €100 per hearing aid towards the cost of repairs, one repair every four years

Who can claim the grant?

The grant is available to insured workers, self-employed, and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions. Once the required number of PRSI contributions have been met, you could be entitled to up to €1,000 off the price of hearing aids.

Spouse or civil partner

If you have not meet the necessary requirements for PRSI contributions, you can of course process a claim on your spouse’s behalf. To do this, your spouse must meet the required contributions and sign a consent form to allow the grant to be processed.

Tax relief on hearing aids

You may be able to claim an extra 20% on the cost of your hearing aids by submitting a MED 1 Form. This allows you to claim back 20% of a single hearing aid or any pair of hearing aids at the end of the year. For more information on tax relief please call our team today.

Check your grant eligibility online

Simply complete our form below to check your grant eligibility, once we receive your enquiry a member of our team will check your grant with the Department of Social Protection and call you with your grant status. Once received we will call you within 30 minutes.

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What if I do not qualify?

If you do not qualify to meet the required contributions to meet the grant there are several options. You can claim up to 20% on your hearing aids by completing a Med1 form. This can reduce the cost significantly. The 20% tax relief can be claimed on a single or pair of hearing aids.

We can also provide payment plans to help you spread the cost of your hearing aids. 

We currently offer 3 forms of payment plans:

  • Blackberry Hearing payment plan
  • Life Credit Union 
  • Humm Payment Plans

For more information you can call our team or visit Citizens Information

How Do I Apply?

We simply need 3 pieces of information:

  • Your full name
  • PPS Number
  • Date of Birth

If you have a medical card you can also apply for PRSI benefits and reduce the costs of your hearing aids. 

To check your availability, simply fill in the grant form above or call our team on 01-6978470.

This grant is subject to eligibility.

The grant is funded by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. The grant can only be claimed once every 4 years.