Warranty Policy

Blackberry Hearing provides a unique 4 Year Warranty on all its hearing aids which covers electronics, casing, microphones and receivers.

It covers manufacturing defects resulting in the hearing aid no longer performing to required standards, malfunctioning, malfunction of doors or microphone covers.

Your Warranty Cover excludes damage inflicted intentionally or accidentally by you or a third party.

  • The Warranty is validated when this document is signed by you and your audiologist. Under Warranty, your defective hearing aid will be repaired or replaced immediately free of charge, so you are never without your hearing aid for any length of time.
    This is a unique offering by Blackberry Hearing.
  • If a receiver (the wire linking your hearing aid and dome insert) is defective Blackberry Hearing will replace it immediately and Free of Charge.
  • You are entitled to Free follow up appointments at any Blackberry Hearing clinic during your 4 Year Warranty period.
    Service appointments can be booked through the main office at a clinic of your choosing and subject to availability.
  • Your Warranty entitles you to a free of charge reprogramming of your hearing aid(s) if, for example, your hearing loss has deteriorated from your previous visit.
  • You are entitled to call Head Office on 01 6978470 at any time for advice. Blackberry Hearing is acclaimed for its Customer Care.
  • Your free supply of batteries will be issued once your Warranty is validated.