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The most affordable and professional hearing aid provider! Who says? See hundreds of validated customers’ comments on our testimonial page.


We are delighted to announce that The Irish Countrywomen Association and The Irish Men’s Shed Association has recently chosen Blackberry Hearing as its exclusive hearing aid provider of choice. Blackberry Hearing’s reputation for professionalism, affordability and customer care was a key factor in this decision. If you are a member of either association and you are concerned about your hearing please call us at 01 6978470 for information.


Blackberry Hearing was established in 2015 to provide quality hearing aids at much more affordable prices. Working with Widex, a world leading hearing aid maker, Blackberry Hearing has over 70 clinics nationwide. We’ve supplied thousands of customers in Ireland with life-changing technology at prices not otherwise available.

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Always available on the phone, Blackberry Hearing provides clear information on pricing, grant eligibility and the clinic locations. We explain if you qualify for the grant and we can book you into a FREE Hearing Consultation at a clinic near you. You may purchase on the day and we guarantee customer satisfaction or your money back.

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Blackberry Hearing employs BSc or MSc degree qualified audiologists to offer the best customer care. With our straightforward manner and commitment to customer satisfaction, we focus on the best hearing solution at the best prices.  Dozens of our customers’ comments may be viewed on our testimonials page.




Would you like to know more about Blackberry Hearing and the hearing aid products we offer. If so please contact us directly through our contact form, we guarantee that a member of our team will respond to your query within a couple of hours. That’s a Blackberry Hearing promise!

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There is a government grant to help you purchase hearing aids. Eligibility depends on PRSI payments. Most people are eligible. It’s worth €500 per hearing aid or €1000 per pair. With Blackberry Hearing’s affordable pricing, you can buy a Widex Dream 330 hearing aid for €499 inclusive of grant.

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Dream 330

  • 10 channels of great sound resolution
  • Elegantly discreet, hiding comfortably behind the ear
  • Free follow up for hearing aid life by a BSc level audiologist
  • Program shift feature for different sound environment
  • Telecoil feature for streaming of church/concert broadcasts
  • 119dB dynamic range which reduces distortion in noisy environments
  • Automated amplification over the first few weeks for new users
  • 1 year free batteries
  • 4-year warranty
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Unique 440

  • ALL the features of the Dream 330 and below features.
  • 15 channels of excellent sound resolution for scintillating clarity
  • 9 fully automatic class programs to optimize the sound environment and minimize background noise
  • Great wind attenuation which is ideal for an outdoor life
  • Great for listening to music with great pitch reproduction and minimal distortion
  • Free discreet remote control attaches to key ring
  • Award-winning Widex model
  • 4 years free batteries
  • 4-year warranty
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Evoke 440

  • ALL the features of the Unique 440 but much, much more
  • Probably, the world’s most advanced hearing aid model with a capability to learn your preferences
  • Stunning natural sound quality
  • Streams ALL audio directly from your iPhone wirelessly to your hearing aids including phone calls and music
  • The companion App allows users to do the following with their hearing aids via the app
    • Adjust hearing aid volume, and mute hearing aids
    • Adjust directional focus to aid listening
    • Choose your favourite programs to appear on the front page
    • Add locations to programs for automatic selection when in specific places
    • Adjust the sound equalization in up to three bands, or choose from sound pre-sets
    • Access help in using the app, connecting and troubleshooting
  • 4 years free batteries
  • 4-year warranty
  • https://global.widex.com/en/news/widex-launches-worlds-first-machine-learning-hearing-aid-evoke
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK6yHbcdFfA
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Blackberry Hearing uniquely offers its customers the following:

– Blackberry Hearing benchmarks its prices against competitors for the same model to ensure we are more affordable.
– Example: Blackberry Hearing – Unique 440 €2598/pair, Competitor – Unique 440 €4995/pair
– Example: Blackberry Hearing – Evoke 440 €3598/pair, Competitor – Evoke 440 €5495/pair

– You know beforehand exactly what it will cost, should you decide to purchase.
– Blackberry Hearing posts all model prices on its company website.




– Our BSc or MSc qualified audiologists offer exceptional professionalism
– A consultation and follow up care by a properly qualified audiologist is key to hearing loss correction

– Blackberry Hearing has provided life-changing hearing solutions at great prices to its customers.
– How do we know? They tell us in their droves! See hundreds of validated customer comments at

See what our customers say about Blackberry Hearing and their team.
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Thank you so much to everyone in Blackberry hearing for the excellent services, friendly advice but above all the brilliant value for money.

Mary O’Dowd, Galway

Blackberry Hearing have supplied me with extraordinary comfortable hearing aids. I’m not aware that I’m wearing them. I am aware if I am not wearing them. They are high quality and have basically changes my life. The price was also superb!

Anne Ryan

There was times when there was a function on, I would opt out of going. But now my hearing is back to where it was, and I’m very very pleased with that. And i’m over the moon with the backup, it’s been brilliant for me. And real life changer.

Joe O'Neill