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Our hearing test

In most cases, hearing loss occurs gradually as we grow older. We often experience small issues with our hearing whether it be not hearing a conversation fully, communicating in the workplace, or simply listening to the television or radio.

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This will cover your previous medical history, when you first noticed hearing loss & any exposure to loud sounds or environments.

Conduct a hearing test

Our Audiologists will perform a physical examination of the ears followed by a pure tone hearing test.

Discuss your Audiogram

Our Audiologists will explain the results of your Audiogram and explain if hearing loss is present.

Our hearing test is performed by MSc & BSc accredited Audiologists. Our approach is very personable and begins with a discussion about your hearing. Our Audiologists discuss your concerns, the types of issues you may be experiencing, and how your hearing loss affects you.

Ear examination

A physical examination of the ear is performed to identify if there are any physical issues or blockages. Our Audiologists will use a tool called an otoscope to examine the outer ear canal and eardrum. An otoscope is a handheld tool with a magnifying lens and light that allows for a close examination of the ear. This examination allows the Audiologists to identify any issues or abnormalities within the ear.

Our  Pure Tone Audiometry test

Our Audiologists will perform a full Pure Tone Audiometry test. The Audiologist will provide you with a headset and ask you to press a button when you can hear a sound through the headset. The hearing test will normally take between 30 – 45 minutes in total. This method monitors the levels of sounds at different pitches and records them digitally in a report called an Audiogram.

The Audiogram will provide a detailed assessment of your hearing health in both ears. Your Audiologists will explain the Audiogram in detail and where hearing loss is present.

After your hearing test, the Audiologists will provide you with recommendations based on the level of hearing loss. Our hearing tests are free & without obligation. All our Audiologists are fully qualified to MSc & BSc level in Audiology.

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