Hearing Test

Hearing loss & deterioration normally occurs from the age of 40 onwards, but it can happen at any age. Quite often people become concerned about hearing loss or early onset hearing loss, and in most cases people begin to notice a slight reduction or a ringing in their ears. This can be the primary sign of hearing loss

What Is A Hearing Test

Our hearing test is a noninvasive test that measures your ability to hear sounds, frequencies & pitches at different levels. The hearing test can fully determine if there is hearing loss & what level of hearing loss is present. What Are The Signs of Hearing Loss ?

Some signs of hearing loss can include:

  • Speech or other sounds seeming muffled.
  • Difficulty hearing high pitched sounds including the door bell, mobile phone, alarm clock etc.
  • Difficulty understanding speech over the phone or in person.
  • Asking others to speak more clearly or slowly.
  • Ringing in the ears

Online Hearing Test
We also offer a short hearing test online using a pair of headphones on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This test is an accurate representation of your current hearing. It is an excellent starting point.

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In Clinic Assessment
We offer a free hearing test & assessment with a fully qualified Audiologist. Our hearing test normally takes 60 to 90 minutes in one of our 45 clinics across Ireland, or it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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Ear Examination

The Audiologist will perform an ear examination in order to physically examine the heath of your ears. Typically they look for injuries and/or abnormalities while examining the ear canal & drum. The Audiologists will use an otoscope to shine a light into your ear canal in order to fully examine the health of your ears.

Pure Tone Audiometry

The Audiologist will provide you with a headset to wear throughout the test. A series of sounds & frequencies are played in order to access your hearing levels. The hearing levels are recorded on a graph called an Audiogram. The audiogram analyses both the left & right ear in order to measure if there is any signs of hearing loss present.

What Happens Next ?

Once our Audiologist has analyzed your audiogram.

They will:

  • Explain how the hearing aid works.
  • Provide you with a sample fitting.
  • Fully explain how the hearing aid could help with your hearing loss & quality of life.

Free Online Hearing Test

If you are concerned about your hearing, our online hearing test is a great place to start. Take our 5 minute online hearing test.

After your test, you can always request a Free Hearing Consultation with one of our Audiologists by clicking here.