CROS Hearing Aids

CROS hearing aids are used for people who experience a specific type of hearing loss. People who may have a loss in one ear but have normal hearing in the other ear are suitable candidates for CROS hearing aids. CROS stands for Contralateral Routing of Signals, this type of system consists of two hearing aids that communicate together.

Ability to hear sounds from both sides without turning your head

Improved speech understanding

Better feedback management

You will be more aware of of sounds all around, including sounds from your deaf side

Grants available

4 year warranty

How do CROS hearing aids work?

CROS  hearing aids are specifically for people who have severe hearing loss in one ear known as unilateral hearing loss or single-sided deadness.

CROS hearing aids differ from regular hearing aids, both act as microphones and transmit the sounds from one ear to the other. 

BiCROS hearing aid

A BiCROS hearing aid is similar to a CROS hearing aid but is for people who are profoundly deaf in one ear but also have a hearing impairment in their better ear.

Programmed specifically to your loss

Available in rechargeable & non rechargeable

Improved speech understanding

BiCROS hearing Aids

With a BiCROS system, the  hearing aid in your better ear will also be programmed for any amplification to manage the loss. 

BiCROS hearing aids systems offer a solution for people who experience different levels of hearing loss in their ears. 

How do CROS & BiCROS work?

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Unitron CROS Hearing Aids

Unitron offer 3 options in a CROS hearing aid.