You may have trouble recognizing your hearing loss because it happens gradually over time.

You probably have hearing loss if any of the following is true

• You struggle to hear people in crowds or with any background noise
• You have the television turned up too loud for other people
• You avoid social occasions because of the pressure in pretending to hear
• A loved one keeps telling you that you are not responding
• You feel sad because you can no longer socialise with people
• You can’t understand why people won’t just speak clearly and stop all that mumbling
• You can’t understand children when they speak (high-frequency loss)

Most people with hearing loss are OK on a one to one basis but struggle for clarity when with more than one person. For this reason, and because it is gradual, most people don’t realise how much they are missing until they try on prescription hearing aids. The difference can be immediate and life-changing.

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