Our Audiology Services

We offer a variety of Audiology services & solutions for you and your family across Ireland. With over 50 clinics nationwide & home visits available, our team of Audiologists can provide superb patient care & support.

Hearing Aids

Since 2015 we have grown to become the largest Irish-owned hearing aid, provider. We partner with global manufacturers including Widex & Unitron to provide the latest hearing technology combined with best-in-class customer care. We also offer our unique remote tuning services for customers who may not be able to visit our clinic.

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Hearing Tests

Our Audiologists provide a full hearing assessment when you visit one of our clinics. We discuss the concerns & issues you may be experiencing with your hearing loss. A full examination of both ears, followed by a full hearing test. The Audiologists will provide you with a headset to wear through the assessment. The Pure Tone Audiometry test allows the Audiologist to identify if hearing loss is present. The Audiologist will explain the results of your Audiogram & provide recommendations if necessary.

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Earwax Removal

Quite often patients experience hearing loss, clogged feeling within the ear, Tinnitus & reduced hearing. These symptoms can be related to Earwax causing a blockage within the ear. Our Audiologists practice Microsuction Earwax Removal which is a non-invasive, safe, and efficient method of removing the Earwax from within the inner ear. Our Audiologists are fully trained to (UK standards of ear wax removal). The service costs €50 for one ear, €75 for 2 ears.

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