Prison Officer Medical Aid – Hearing Aids

The Prison Officers Medical Aid Society is open to the membership of active and retired prison officers. To date, the Society exceeds 10,500 members. Membership is restricted to serving and retired prison officers and their dependant spouses or partners and children.

Members can avail of a free hearing test, but further treatment benefits if hearing aids are required.

Hearing Aids (left or right ear): 90% of cost up to a cap of €500 every five years. We would also encourage members to check their eligibility for the PRSI hearing aid grant. The PRSI grant can offer further savings up to €1,000. You can request a call back below.

Model Type Price With Aid & Grant Price With Aid Only
Unitron Blu 5 Bluetooth €798 €1,798
Widex Evoke 440 Bluetooth & Smart €1,798 €2,798
Widex Moment 330 CIC Invisible €1,798 €2,798
Widex Moment 330 Rechargeable €1,798 €2,798
Unitron Blu 7 Rechargeable €1,798 €2,798
Widex Moment 440 Rechargeable €2,798 €3,798

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