Widex SmartRIC – The Best Of Widex Technology

Widex has recently unveiled its most advanced hearing aid, featuring the best of Widex technology. The Widex SmartRIC has the exceptional performance that Widex is known for and introduces a sleek and innovative design, unlike any other model. The Widex SmartRIC features a completely redesigned L- shaped hearing aid making it stand out for both how well it performs and how good it looks among other hearing aids.

The Widex SmartRIC is packed with many features such as Smart Power feature, which enables an impressive 37 hours of usage on just one charge. Exceptional focus with a new microphone to help reduce wind and touch distractions to improve directionality and performance.

New Improved Microphone

This unique stylish and innovative L- shaped design is specifically created to optimize microphone directionality, microphones are at a more horizontal angle (20°) setting it apart from all their other hearing aid. The more horizontal angle improves signal-to-noise ratio which is linked to enhanced speech intelligibility and understanding.

Widex has repositioned the microphone, effectively minimizing wind and touch noise through both mechanical adjustments and signal processing giving you a 20 dB reduction in wind noise. This means that such noise can be reduced through the design of the microphone cover, and non-correlated noise in the microphone can be identified and filtered out, resulting in improved overall performance and user experience.

Widex MySound™ - AI- Assisted Personalisation

Widex MySound™ is a powerful and intuitive AI-assisted personalisation ( Artificial intelligence), meaning that AI will tailor the sound to your specific hearing. This feature will allow  the hearing aid wearer a choice of sound quality options they can choose from themselves, which can then be saved and used again anytime in the future.

Widex TruAcoustics™

TruAcoustics™ is a software that calculates how to program the hearing for the individual user such as the strength of the receiver wire, the shape of the dome, and other factors based on the individual's ear canal size and the fit of the dome, this unique setup is to suit the user's specific hearing needs.

Portable Charging

The Widex SmartRIC stands out not just for its sleek design, but also for its practical features. Alongside its stylish appearance, it comes with a portable charging case that adds convenience to its functionality. With its slim profile and enclosed battery, the device is easy to use and carry around.

 Its innovative galvanic charging technology ensures reliable power whenever you need it, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both style and practicality in te hearing aid.

battery-status -min

Battery Life & Charging Times

The Widex SmartRIC has the longest battery life ever created for any Widex hearing aid with an impressive 37 hours of battery that gives you 7 days of full use before charging. In addition, the SmartRIC comes equipped with a fast charging case, ensuring that you can power up your device quickly even when you're on the go.

Charging details Duration
Full hearing aid charge 4 hours 
Fast charge 30 mins ( 8 hours of use )
Charging the charger ( USB cable ) 4 hours
Charging the charger (Qi pad wireless charger ) 6 hours


Accessories for the Widex SmartRIC

Widex offers a variety of accessories to pair with this model, including the WIDEX TV PLAY™, which is provided free with the Widex SmartRIC.

WIDEX TV PLAY™ lets you enjoy outstanding TV sound through your hearing aids, helping you hear the TV better.

Another great accessory to pair with the Widex SmartRIC is the Widex Sound Assist - ‘Swiss Army Knife’  It can be a table microphone, handle hands-free calls, stream from digital and analogue sources, and even be a remote control to adjust your hearing aid settings.

Pricing & Offers

  • €4,249 after PRSI grant
  • 4 year warranty
  • Free servicing
  • Free aftercare
  • Free remote care worth €275
  • Free TV Play or Sound Assist
  • 45 Day money back guarantee
  • Claim €859.60 In Tax Relief