Unboxing the Widex Moment 440 Sheer

The Widex Moment 440 Sheer is a rechargeable RIC ( Receiver In Canal) hearing aid. The battery life on this hearing aid should last up to a full day giving that you have charged it for at least four hours. The Widex Moment 440 Sheer is built for users with mild to profound hearing loss.

The Widex Moment 440 Sheer delivers a pure, natural sound with zero delay technology, which also eliminates the delay bate distortion, making most other hearing aids sound artificial, with AI personalisation and new Widex SoundRelax the Widex Moment 440 Sheer allows you to feel completely present in the moment.Widex PureSound

Widex PureSound was created to address one of the most common barriers for hearing aid users to adapt to new devices that sound artificial. Widex PureSound processes sound 8-20 times faster than other digital hearing aids which results in a much more natural sound.

Widex MySound™ - AI- Assisted Personalisation

Widex MySound™ is a powerful and intuitive AI-assisted personalisation ( Artificial intelligence), meaning that AI will tailor the sound to your specific hearing. This feature will allow  the hearing aid wearer a choice of sound quality options they can choose from themselves, which can then be saved and used again anytime in the future.

Our Audiologist Claire Bolger gives insight into her thoughts on this feature, Claire is a hearing aid user herself and has used the Widex MySound feature.

“ I have tried this out in a local restaurant I’d regularly be in. My first time being in with my new Moment 440 Sheer I turned on the MySound feature on my phone app, it gave me a choice whether I preferred sound option A or sound option B, I selected the one I felt I could hear my companions better with and the feature gave me some further options from which to choose.

After each of my selections the sound quality from my new aids improved. Finally if you’re  happy with the sound you’ve selected you can save this as a programme in your phone app which will be available to you the next time you go to this / or similar venue. It’s really allowing you to tailor the hearing aids sound quality to your own personal preferences, instead of a “one size fits all” solution you’ll get from other hearing aids.”

Widex SoundRelax

The Widex Moment 440 Sheer has built-in SoundRelax, which means softer tones and more natural sounds. SoundRelax helps anyone with Tinnitus. Widex SoundRelax is designed to relax the mind and aid concentration. Widex SoundRelax and PureSound can be combined to provide the best sound quality for all hearing losses.

Widex Sound Assist

Widex Sound Assist is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for your hearing aids that fits in the palm of your hand. It can be a table microphone, handle hands-free calls, stream from digital and analogue sources, and even be a remote control to adjust your hearing aid settings.

Features Of The Widex Sound Assist:

  • Partner microphone mode – One-to-one conversations with friends and family sound clear wherever you are.
  • Table microphone mode – Hear important meetings, lively dinners, and group conversations more easily.
  • Hands-free phone calls – Great sounding calls on the go.
  • Streaming from any Bluetooth device – Send music, film, or TV audio to your hearing aids.
  • Remote control for Widex Moment Bluetooth hearing aids – Control your sound, easily.
  • Telecoil mode – Telecoil functionality even if your hearing aids don’t have telecoil.

The Widex Sound Assist does not come with your hearing aids but can be purchased separately.

Widex Moment App

The Widex Moment app allows you to personalize your hearing experience from your smartphone. The Moment App allows you to fine-tune your hearing aids to specific environments with a simple adjustment.

The Widex Moment App has many features including:

  • Personalise your sound with a sound mixer, personal programs, wellbeing and relaxation programs, zen programs and Tinnitus management.
  • Remote control – with remote control you can adjust your volume suited to any setting you are in, mute/unmute your hearing aids, select different programs, & directional focus.
  • Audio Streaming
  • Monitor your hearing
  • Help with your hearing aids
  • Pairing and connection

Why Choose The Widex Moment 440 Sheer?

The Widex Moment 440 has been awarded the expert choice hearing aid winner for 2023 by HearAdvisor. Expert Choice Seal HearAdvisor is an independent sound performance lab. Out of 40 hearing aids tested, only 13 were recognized as the world's best-performing hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss.

The results of the lab test showed that the Widex Moment 440 performed above average in silent listening situations, as well as in moderate and loud noise, and the quality of music streaming was also better than average. Read more about the Widex Moment 440 below.

Pricing & Offers

You could save up to €1,000 with the PRSI hearing aid grant. Check your Eligibility.

  • €3,798 after PRSI grant
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Free aftercare
  • Free TV Play worth €275
  • Free remote care worth €275
  • 45 Day money back guarantee
  • Claim €769 in tax relief