Hearing Health

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  • Clodagh Kelly, MSc Audiology & BSc Neuroscience

    An Audiologist's Guide to Protecting Your Hearing

    We often don’t think about our hearing and how our surroundings could damage our hearing. Sometimes, hearing protection can be overlooked, leading to irreparable damage resulting in noise-induced hearing loss.  Why do we need hearing protection? We must protect our ears and hearing in environments exposed to loud noises. If you work in an environment […]

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  • Rita Foley, BSc. Audiology

    Better Hearing & Speech Month

    The Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists estimates that approximately one out of every twelve individuals are expected to develop permanent hearing loss in Ireland. Hearing loss can negatively impact our routines and limit our engagement in personal and social interactions.   While natural hearing loss (presbycusis) commonly occurs as we age, there are instances […]

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    The Role of An Audiologist

    The role of the Audiologist is to clinically treat persons who may be experiencing difficulties or have concerns with their hearing. An Audiologist can provide expert advice regarding Auditory disorders. When people express concerns about their hearing, the first step is to book a consultation with a hearing care professional. We will always recommend booking […]

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  • Claire Bolger, BAgSc, MAgSc, HDip- HAA (Hearing Aid Audiology)

    5 Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids

    1: Enhance your current hearing Unfortunately, hearing loss, largely, can not be reversed, Hearing aids will not restore the hearing you have lost but will maximise your current hearing. Unlike prescription eyewear which restores your vision to 20/20, hearing aids are programmed to enhance your current hearing to improve a person’s quality of life. A […]

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  • Lauren Walsh, Hearing Aid Audiologist

    Ear syringing Vs Microsuction – What is...

    When we experience a build-up of wax, we can experience several symptoms associated. In some cases, patients can experience different symptoms from compacted wax: Experience loss of hearing Itchiness in the ear Fullness within the ear Experienced a buzzing or ringing that can be associated with Tinnitus Traditionally, ear syringing has been a common practice […]

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  • Rian Breathnach, BSc. Audiology

    Can I buy just one hearing aid?

    Can I buy just one hearing aid? This question is frequently asked each week in Blackberry Hearing. Yes, a person can purchase one hearing aid depending on their level of loss. In some instances, a person may experience hearing loss in only one ear while the other ear is perfectly fine. We have many patients […]

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