Better Hearing & Speech Month

The Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists estimates that approximately one out of every twelve individuals are expected to develop permanent hearing loss in Ireland.
Hearing loss can negatively impact our routines and limit our engagement in personal and social interactions.


While natural hearing loss (presbycusis) commonly occurs as we age, there are instances where hearing loss can become present in life. Identifying hearing loss in early childhood stages can prevent future learning and speech development.

The main causes of hearing loss include:

  • Age-related hearing loss (Presbycusis)
  • Trauma to the ear or head
  • Prolonged exposure to loud or noisy environments
  • Viral infections or constant ear infections
  • Ototoxic medicines
  • Delayed onset of progressive genetic hearing loss
  • Cerumen impaction (impacted ear wax)

6 Ways To Protect Your Ears:

  • Use earplugs in noisy places
  • Avoid exposure to loud sounds
  • Visit a Qualified Audiologist every 1 -2 years if you are concerned about your hearing
  • Visit your Audiologist or GP if you have any concerns
  • Avoid excessive volume from your TV, headphones or radio
  • Wear your hearing aids regularly when prescribed