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  • Claire Bolger, BAgSc, MAgSc, HDip- HAA (Hearing Aid Audiology)

    Should I get my hearing tested?

    Should I get my hearing tested? Often, people are on the fence about whether they should get their hearing tested. Sometimes, people may feel embarrassed or unsure about what to expect. Hearing loss is a common condition affecting more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. Hearing loss can also be diagnosed at any stage, from early […]

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  • Rita Foley, BSc. Audiology

    Better Hearing & Speech Month

    The Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists estimates that approximately one out of every twelve individuals are expected to develop permanent hearing loss in Ireland. Hearing loss can negatively impact our routines and limit our engagement in personal and social interactions.   While natural hearing loss (presbycusis) commonly occurs as we age, there are instances […]

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  • John Ryan, Co-Founder

    Why is your hearing aid warranty so...

    When researching and purchasing your hearing aids, it’s important to understand what your warranty covers and how your hearing aid provider can help. The warranty period can differ depending on the manufacturer, technology level, and provider you purchase. Most manufacturers offer between 2 – 4 years warranty. It’s important to understand that your hearing aids […]

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  • Matt Gleeson, General Manager

    Rechargeable Vs Non-Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    As hearing technology continues to advance each year, hearing aids have transformed from a single-purpose device to wearable tech. This transformation has prompted hearing aid manufacturers to provide high-quality hearing aids with technical improvements each year. New features include adapting machine learning, voice control, Bluetooth streaming to add more functionality to hearing aids. While these […]

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