Can I buy just one hearing aid?

Can I buy just one hearing aid?

This question is frequently asked each week in Blackberry Hearing.
Yes, a person can purchase one hearing aid depending on their level of loss. In some instances, a person may experience hearing loss in only one ear while the other ear is perfectly fine. We have many patients who use only due to the level of hearing loss. It’s not uncommon for people to have different levels of loss in each ear.

The only way to distinguish the level of hearing loss is a full hearing test, and an examination is recommended.

The results of your hearing test are plotted on a graph that visually indicates the level of loss in each ear.
In the Audiogram below, there are different levels of hearing loss in each ear.

In this instance, a person only requires one hearing aid as the opposing ear does illustrate sufficient loss.


Can I still claim the PRSI grant for one hearing aid?

Yes, if you are entitled to the PRSI grant, you can claim €500 to be deducted from the price of your hearing aid. If you have any questions about the hearing aid grant, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Are there any changes to the warranty or aftercare?

Regardless if you purchase one or two hearing aids, we offer the same 4-year warranty & aftercare service. Our Audiologists are always on hand to adjust your hearing aids and retest your hearing free of charge.