How To Use The Widex PerfectDry Lux

The Widex PerfectDry Lux is an electronic hearing aid dryer that efficiently dries and cleans your hearing aids. The PerfectDry Lux uses UV lights to remove moisture, bacteria making them completely hygienic and reducing the risk of ear infections.

Step 1: Switch on the Widex PerfectDry Lux

Step 2:  Remove the batteries from both hearing aids.

Step 3: Remove the domes from your hearing aids.

Step 4: Press the power button the PerfectDry Lux once, a blue light should start to blink. This indicates 45 minutes of UV drying time has now started.

Step 5: Place both hearing aids in the PerfectDry Lux and close the door.

Step 6: Once the flashing light has stopped, this indicates that the drying is complete.

Step 7: Please insert batteries and reattach the domes.

Step 8: Power on your hearing aids.