How To Put On Behind The Ear Hearing Aids (BTE) Author

Your hearing aids are colour coded with a dot on the outside of the hearing aid.
Red = right ear; Blue = left ear.

Hearing Aids With Domes

  1. Place the hearing aid over your ear so the dome is located at the opening of your ear.
  2. Hold the bend in the wire with your index finger and thumb.
    Where it attaches to the dome, gently push the dome into your ear canal. The wire should be flush against your head and not stick out.
  3. The hearing aid should feel comfortable and the wire should feel secure. If there is a retention piece, place it in your ear so it rests at the bottom of the opening of your ear canal.

Hearing Aids With Custom Domes

  1. Hold the custom dome between your index finger and thumb. The opening of the mold should be pointing towards your ear canal with the hearing aid resting above the ear.
  2. Insert the custom mold into the ear canal. The mold should fit snugly and comfortably.
  3. Place the hearing aid over the top of your ear. Ensure that everything feels secure and snug.