Unitron Vivante V9-R 

The Unitron Vivante V9-R offers outstanding natural sound with premium technology built to offer best-in-class hearing solutions. allowing for phenomenal natural sound.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Made For iPhone & Android

Premium Technology

Unitron Vivante V9-R  

  • Rechargeable hearing aid
  • Highest performing Vivante model
  • Made for iPhone & Android
  • 360 AutoFocus
  • 2 active streaming environments
  • Speech enhancement
  • Wind control
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Premium Technology

  • 8 listening environments
  • Tap control
  • Antishock 2
  • Automatic sound adjustment
  • Wind control
  • Tinnitus masking
  • Pinna effect 2

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Remote Plus App 

Control the volume of your hearing aids by adjust the programs, volume and balance.

  • Personalise your sound
  • Remote control
  • Audio Streaming
  • Monitor your hearing aids 
  • Made for iPhone & Android