Unitron’s new Blu hearing aids – from tap control to voice assistants

With the launch of Unitron’s innovative new Blu platform, Blackberry Hearing offers a truly personalised hearing experience for hearing aid wearers. The latest Unitron Blu hearing aid technology offers the wearer a versatile hearing experience. The technology automatically optimizes sound performance regardless of your environment.

It does this using the below 3 categories:

  • Noise reduction – detects undesirable noise and reduces the volume accordingly.
  • Speech enhancement – boosts speech volume during conversations.
  • Autofocus 360 – Integra OS uses binaural network of 4 networks to understand where the sound is coming from & focuses in that direction to provide clarity.

Hearing Personalization

Unitron’s new Unitron Blu technology allows customization with the touch of a button using the Remote Plus App. Available on both iPhone & Android, the Remote Plus App allows complete personalization on a host of built-in features.

Temporary Clarity Boost

This feature allows the Unitron Blu hearing aid wearers to log into the Remote Plus App and boost the clarity and comfort within an automatic program. This smart feature allows hearing aid wearers to adjust their hearing preference quickly and without any fuss.

6 Pre-Set programs

Designed to allow personalization with the touch of a button, Unitron Blu wearers can now adjust channels to a specific environment. For example, people working in busy offices can have a pre-set channel designed to adjust to the sound levels and noise of phones ringing, people chatting, and background noise.

Remote Plus App

Unitron’s Remote Plus app enables hearing aid wearers to customize and enhance their hearing experience. During the pandemic, wearing of facemasks makes hearing conversations difficult. The clarity button within the app allows speech to be temporarily boosted.

Another feature allows you to fine-tune your hearing experience by adjusting the bass, midrange & treble frequencies. Both features combine to deliver a truly personalized experience.

Multi Bluetooth connectivity

The Unitron Blu uses Bluetooth Classic which enables pairing of up to 8 devices including older or newer versions of Apple and Android smartphones, PCs, MacBooks, etc. Any two devices can be connected at the same time so users can easily switch from one device to another.

This flexibility allows you to toggle between work and home devices without any fuss.

For example you can.

  • Receive and make phone calls
  • Accept Zoom, Skype and Teams calls
  • Accept & Make Whatsapp calls

Tap Assistant and Voice Control

The Unitron Blu Tap Control allows hearing aid users to easily activate the microphone. This means you can access virtual assistants like Siri & Google Assistant by simply tapping your hearing aid. Similarly, by tapping on the side of the hearing aid to accept a phone call, the microphone becomes active allowing you to have a fully hands-free experience while driving or exercising.

Stream Spotify, YouTube & Podcasts & TV

The Blu technology uses Bluetooth Classic to grab all the quality of full stereo sound so that you can enjoy Led Zeppelin on your smartphone, Bruce Springsteen in Concert on your TV or the latest action movie in full stereo sound - all through your hearing aids!

Features In Summary

  • Connectivity to up to 8 devices (PCs, Smartphone, TV, etc.)
  • Simultaneous connectivity to 2 devices at any time
  • Rechargeable – Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Adapts to multiple listening environment – conversation in a crowd, conversation in noise, busy office environments
  • Tap control - Enables easy communication with your other smart devices
  • Hands free calls – Answer or take a call even when your phone is not on your person
  • Tinnitus masker – For those who suffer from tinnitus
  • Noise reduction – Adaptive feature to improve listening in noisy environments
  • Speech enhancement – Adaptive feature that identifies speech and enhances it accordingly
  • Wind control – Automatically reduces wind noise if you enjoy outdoor activities
  • Remote care – Adjustments can be programmed remotely with your Blackberry Hearing Audiologist
  • TV Connector – Enables wireless connection with your TV
  • 4 Year Warranty