Treating Hearing Loss Sooner Rather Than Later?

There are many benefits of treating hearing loss when first diagnosed. Quite often people become hesitant in engaging in conversation for fear of not being able to hear clearly.

Our Audiologists are frequently asked, Should I treat my hearing loss now or will it get worse?

Hearing loss occurs due to the tiny hair cells within your ear become damaged. These tiny hair cells are called stereocilia (types of receptors that can detect sound). Loud noises, environment sounds including the loud volume on your tv or radio can further damage these tiny hair cells. By addressing the hearing loss with hearing aids we can balance the loss by tuning the hearing aid to your exact specification.

Improved Communication

When our Audiologists speak to patients, communication and the ability to hear conversations clearly with family and friends is often a challenge. Quite often we hear patients say they are hesitant because they become fearful of not understanding or asking the person to repeat themselves. The sole purpose of hearing aids is to improve the quality of your hearing allowing you to hear conversations more clearly and become more comfortable with communicating.

Improved Independence & Confidence
One piece of feedback we frequently receive from our patients who use hearing aids is the difference they experience within their social lives. Hearing loss unfortunately can cause isolation as patients often speak about their hesitance to engage in social events. The fear of not being able to hear & understand a friend or family member is unfortunately very present. Our Audiologists speak frequently to patients about how hearing aids have impacted their day-to-day lives. Hearing aids can improve a person's independence as they allow you to communicate more throughout your daily life. Collecting prescriptions from the local pharmacy, engaging in conversations with the local shopkeeper & the rest of your community.

Treating Tinnitus With Hearing Aids
Tinnitus can be caused by hearing loss, with people experiencing a ringing, humming, or murmuring noise. Others experience high sensitivity to external sounds including the volume of the television, road works, or traffic noise. Tinnitus can be treated with hearing aids. If the patient's tinnitus is due to hearing loss, hearing aids can be tuned to specifically treat the tinnitus. Tinnitus masking features are included on some hearing aid models, allowing them to specifically treat the issue. Tinnitus unfortunately can become worse if untreated.

Work & Employment
Hearing loss can make people feel uncomfortable while in the workplace. Not being able to hear clearly in meetings or requests from colleagues can make people feel comfortable and disillusioned in meetings. We often receive feedback from patients who can't believe the difference hearing aids have made to their careers and daily jobs. Another added benefit of using modern hearing aids is the ability to link your smartphone, iPad, and laptop. We have both Widex and Unitron hearing aids that can allow you to take calls through your hearing aids. As our working environment has changed drastically during Covid-19, we now have more requests from people to link their laptops and smartphones to their hearing aids. This allows you to hear telephone calls, Zoom, Skype, and video meetings with clarity.

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