How To Maintain Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aid needs to be handled with care. It’s always important to clean and maintain your hearing aid in order to get the best sound and keep it functioning for years to come. In general, it’s essential to handle your hearing aid carefully.

When To Change Your Receiver

You should change the receiver on your hearing aid if it is whistling, sounds are unclear, or no sound at all.
1: Pinch the receiver firmly at its closest point to the aid and pull away.
2: Push the new receiver into the same position (confirm it is for the correct ear)
3: Fit an ear-tip on the new receiver by gripping the whole ear-tip and pushing it into place over the receiver end.

When To Change Your Hearing Aid Dome

You should change the ear-tip as required. For further supplies of ear tips, please get in touch with us.

  • Gently pull off the rubber ear tip attached to the wire of your hearing aid.
  • Fit a new ear tip on the receiver by gripping the whole ear tip and firmly pushing it into place over the receiver end.

When To Change Your Hearing Aid Filter/Wax Guard

If your hearing aid stops working and it’s not the battery then it is most likely the filter/wax guard. The filter helps to protect your hearing aid against earwax. Check on a regular basis that your filter has not become blocked with ear wax, in the following way:

  • Remove the ear-tip from the ear wire.
  • Insert the removal hook into the used filter.
  • Pull the filter straight out.
  • Turn the holder around so that the new filter is in position to be inserted.
  • Insert the new filter into the opening of the sound outlet.

When To Change Your Hearing Aid Battery

You should replace the battery if you have no sound coming from your hearing aids or if the sounds are unclear.

  • Place the battery in the drawer so that the (+) sign on the battery is facing toward you when you hold the hearing aid as shown. You can use the battery magnet provided to steer the batter into place.
  • If the battery drawer does not close easily, the battery is incorrectly inserted.
  • When changing the battery it is a good idea to place the hearing aid over a table.
  • Always place the battery in the actual battery drawer and not in the open space inside the hearing aid.

Looking after your hearing aids properly keeps them performing optimally for longer. In most cases, changing the batteries, receivers filters or domes fixes the vast majority of issues.