How To Change The Battery On Your Widex Hearing Aid

This guide can be used for the Widex Evoke, Unique and Dreams. The first step is to remove the old battery from the battery compartment.

  1. Open the door to the battery compartment.
  2. Turn the hearing aid upside allowing the old battery to fall out. If the battery does not fall out, gently remove it by poking the battery with a cleaning stick.
  3. Pick up a new battery with the stick provided, the stick is magnetised so it will make picking it up easy.
  4. Place the new battery in the battery holder. If the battery compartment does not close, you have inserted the battery incorrectly.
  5. Once the battery is in the compartment, simply remove the sticker & close the door.

Your hearing aid should now power on as usual. If you have any concerns simply call our team and we are happy to assist.