Common Questions- Unitron Rechargeable Hearing Aids

1: How do I know if my hearing aids are charging?

Flashing green lights indicate that your hearing aids are charging, Solid green lights indicate that your hearing aids are fully charged.

2: What does solid red lights on my hearing aid indicate?

Solid red lights on your hearing aid indicates that your hearing aids are not charging- Remove the hearing aids from the charging case, ensure that there are silver zinc rechargeable batteries in the hearing aids, clean the contacts and reinsert.

3: What does a flashing red light when trying to charge the hearing aids indicate?

A flashing red light on the charging base means that the charging base is outside the normal operating temperature range. Move the Charging base to a location where the temperature is within range, between 10°C to 40°C.

4: What should I do when the hearing aids emit a low battery warning?

When a low battery warning is emitted, place the hearing aids in the charging base or replace the silver-zinc batteries with non- rechargeable zinc air batteries until the hearing aids are properly recharged.  

Do not attempt to ‘reboot’ the rechargeable battery by opening and closing the battery door. While this may damage the rechargeable battery and shorten the battery life.

5: How do I clean my charging base?

To clean your charging base, use a dry soft tissue and/or provided brush to remove debris from the hearing aid charge contacts. Do not sterilize or disinfect the charger or use rubbing alcohol, or any other liquid.

6: Can my hearing aids be stored in a drawer until they are needed?

We recommend that the batteries are removed from your hearing aids while in storage, or that hearing aids are left on the charging base ( while  plugged in ), so they will be ready when needed.

7: Can my hearing aids be stored on the charging base if it is unplugged?

No. This will drain the existing battery charge.

8: My hearing aids that were placed on the charging base overnight only lasted a few hours. What happened?

Your hearing aids may not have been charged long enough to get to full charge, or the battery could be experiencing capacity drain as a result of inconsistent charging.  We recommend that hearing aids are kept on the active charging base when not on your ears, as well as every night. 

9: The battery charge on my hearing aid appears expanded and may be leaking, is this dangerous?

Unitron use silver-zinc batteries in all their rechargeable products, which are 100% recyclable, non- flammable and non-toxic so there is no danger. In the unlikely event this happens, please get in contact with one of the team and we will book you in for an appointment with our Audiologist.