10 Must Have Hearing Aid Features For 2024

1. Noise reduction

This feature seems basic but is critically important, especially for first-time hearing aid users. In busy environments like an office, restaurant, or café, background noise can make it difficult to hear and understand conversations. Most modern hearing aids have a built-in noise reduction function; depending on the technology level, the quality can vary from model to model.

While your environment may be busy, your hearing aid is actively processing sounds and filtering out unwanted sounds and noises. Technology inside the hearing aid including algorithms and directional microphones help determine where the sound is coming and to filter out irrelevant sounds. This technology is referred to as enhanced speech technology to filter unwanted sounds.

2. Personalised programs & environments

Most hearing aids come with several preset programs. These programs are preset to help the hearing aid wear in noisy environments.

Some hearing aid users will find some environments more challenging than others. For example, a busy office produces a lot of background noise and sounds coming from different directions. In comparison, a library will have very few sounds with little or no background noise.

The hearing aid user can set up a custom listening environment via the mobile app in these instances. This will allow the user to select a suitable listening environment.

Premium hearing aids take this technology one step further. Hearing aids like the Widex Moment 440 use AI technology to understand your hearing preferences and instantly adapt to offer the best hearing solution.

3. Bluetooth connectivity

Our hearing aids have evolved from listening devices to smart technology. Most hearing aids now incorporate Bluetooth technology to connect to smart devices.

Most smart hearing aids use a Bluetooth technology called ASHA Bluetooth Protocol, which allows direct streaming from your smartphone to your hearing aids.

Having Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, hearing aid users can avail of features including TV streaming, making and receiving telephone calls, and using accessories such as external microphones.

4. Wind control

It is probably one of the most underrated features of hearing aids, but it is essential. Wind noise can be one of the worst listening situations, thankfully modern hearing aids have a wind reduction feature. Both Widex & Unitron have wind control features built-in; the technology inside your hearing aid automatically detects wind noise and reacts to reduce the noise.

When noise is uncorrelated between both microphones on your hearing aids, algorithm effectively detects and separates the wind noise. This benefits the hearing aid user in 3 ways:

  1. Improved speech understanding
  2. Ability to wear your hearing aids in comfort in windy conditions
  3. Quick and automatic adaption in all-weather types

5. Remote Care

Remote care allows your Audiologists to make necessary adjustments to your hearing aids without you leaving your home. Often referred to as "Teleaudiology," your Audiologists can remotely access your hearing aids via our software and your mobile app.

Once the Audiologist has gained access, necessary adjustments can be made to adjust your hearing aids in real-time. Remote care has dramatically benefited some of our customers; some of our patients may live or spend several months abroad. By using remote care, our Audiologists can make necessary adjustments to their hearing aids.

6. Go rechargeable

The hearing aid industry has been moving towards rechargeable batteries instead of the disposable option. As the technology level in hearing aids becomes more advanced, usage demands on the battery increase.

With rechargeable hearing aids, you can leave your hearing aids in the charging dock overnight & receive a full charge. This avoids changing the disposable batteries every week or needing to change them on the go.

Furthermore, some models now have the option of a rechargeable carry case. This allows you to charge anywhere or anytime.

7. Tinnitus Masking

As there is no universal cure for Tinnitus, hearing can help with the symptoms. Hearing aids include a feature called Tinnitus Masking or Tinnitus Programs. Your Audiologists can enable the hearing this feature to help manage your Tinnitus. Both Unitron & Widex offer Tinnitus solutions on specific models.

8. Find my hearing aids

Widex introduced a Find My hearing aid feature on the Widex Moment 330R & 440. It is designed to help users who have misplaced their hearing aids.

Once in the Moment app, you can use the function to find the location where their hearing aids were last connected to the phone. The hearing aid must have some battery for this feature to work.

9. Tap control

With tap control on the Unitron Blu & Vivante models, hearing aid users can accept, disconnect, and make calls with a simple tap of their hearing aids. This feature is handy when in a busy environment.

The Unitron Blu can also seamlessly connect to your laptop, allowing streaming from Zoom & Microsoft team calls.

10. 360 Conversation in car (manual)

Unition’s 360 conversation in car manual program automatically focuses on speech, regardless of where passengers sit. This technology helps filter out road noise and allows you the user to hear conversations instead of background noise.

Users will also have access to the new 360 Conversations in Car manual program that automatically focuses on speech, regardless of where passengers are sitting, addressing the unique listening environment in the car.

All of these listening features can be accessed through the Remote Plus app, which is available for iOS and Android devices.