Mens Shed Association

Modern hearing aids change people’s lives yet only 1 in 7 people with hearing loss wear them!

According to the World Health Organization correcting hearing loss may be the single biggest contribution to positive mental health in the over 60s.

Startling statistics!

Blackberry Hearing was established in 2015 by Dave Gleeson and John Ryan to address the issues around people not acting on their hearing loss. These have been identified as;

  • The long finger syndrome- or putting it off for too long!
  • Expense – We are typically up to 40% less than other longer established providers
  • Transparency – How to go about checking it out!
  • Quality and customer care – Ensuring people get the most out of their hearing aids
  • By addressing these concerns, Blackberry Hearing has quickly become the country’s largest Irish owned provider of quality hearing aids. The company employs BSc and MSc qualified Audiologists and combines that with the latest technology hearing aids at much more affordable prices. Hundreds of Blackberry Hearing customers have left comments on Facebook commenting on the difference their Blackberry Hearing solution has made to their lives! These may be seen on Blackberry Hearing’s website.

Blackberry Hearing has been chosen by the Irish Men’s Shed Association and the ICA as their hearing aid provider of choice!