Kathleen Hassett – Customer Stories

Meet Kathleen, a vibrant and witty 99-year-old lady who has been profoundly deaf and bed-bound for several months. Despite her incredible sense of humour, Kathleen has not been feeling her usual self lately due to her lack of effective communication. However, thanks to Audiologist Claire Bolger, everything changed for her and her family.

In a heart-warming moment witnessed by her two daughters, Claire fitted Kathleen with a pair of hearing aids; her face lit up with joy and brought tears to her daughter's eyes as they could see the life-changing reaction of being able to hear properly again, "every one of us had tears in our eyes to see Kathleen's reaction to being able to hear again! "says Claire.

For months, Kathleen had relied on written words to communicate, but now, with the help of hearing aids, she could engage in conversations again. The hearing aids brought a connection with her loved ones again on a deeper level, bringing laughter, shared stories, and heartfelt moments back into her life.

Kathleen can now be more independent and enjoy hearing things again. We are dedicated to helping people with hearing problems, and our work has made a real impact on Kathleen and many others.

In a world where technology can make us feel alone, this touching story reminds us that it can also bring people closer and make us happy. Kathleen's story shows us how hearing aids can change someone's life.

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