How To Pair Your Widex RC-DEX With Your Hearing Aids

Before the RC-DEX remote can be used, it must be matched with
the hearing aids.

This is easily done by following the below steps:

1: Insert the battery into the RC-DEX remote.

2: Make sure the RC-DEX is turned on by pushing the slider on the side up so the light flashes green.

3. Restart your hearing aids by opening and closing the hearing aid battery doors.

4. Place your hearing aids back into your ears and hold the RC-DEX remote control approximately 5cm/2in under your chin.

5. Press and hold the two volume keys (+/-) simultaneously for at least five seconds. When a beep is heard through your hearing aids the RC-DEX is matched. press-and-hold-the-two-volume-keys

6. Your RC-DEX is now ready to use!