How To Change Wax Filter On Widex Hearing Aids

This quick & helpful guide will show you how to change the wax filter on your Widex hearing aid.

The following guide can be used for the Widex Moment, Evoke, Unique and Dreams.

  1.  First, open your pack of Widex Wax Filters.
  2.  Remove the dome on the end of the receiver.
  3.  When the dome is removed you will see a white small white filter. This is the filter we will be replacing.
  4.  Remove one of the black sticks from the kit.
  5. You will notice at one end of the stick has a removal tool, a small raised circular tip with a raised tip. On the opposite end of the stick, you will see the new white filter.
  6. Clip the removal tool into the filter, this will allow you to remove it. Once clipped in simply pull the old filter out.
  7. With the opposite end of the stick, push the new filter into the receiver. Please do not force it.
  8. Place the dome back on the receiver and ensure the dome is securely on the receiver.
  9. Place the hearing aid back to your ear so it is comfortable.
  10. Test and make sure you are happy that is comfortable.

If you have any concerns on how to replace the wax filter, simply call our team and we can assist.