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Blackberry Hearing – How We Want To Change The Hearing Aid Business


Better Hearing, Much Better Prices The hearing aid business is dominated by a sales model that necessitates high margins. Clinics on the Main Street recover the high cost of promotion, the cost of clinics, sales reps and salaries by loading the infrequent sales of hearing aids with very high margin. Those who actually [...]

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Why do Hearing Aids Cost more than Laptops


Hearing aids are exceptionally expensive for most people and despite advances in technology and cheaper electronics they have not reduced in price. For example, Ireland's largest hearing aid retailer sells a ten channel hearing aid with an almost identical specification as Blackberry Hearing's Coselgi™ Melodia 10, for €5,500 a pair! The Melodia 10 sells for [...]

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Mick Flavin, Country Music Star and Blackberry Hearing Customer, Sunday World May 2020


The Sunday World interviewed Blackberry Hearing customer and country music star Mick Flavin about about his experience with our hearing aids and how they have changed his life for the better.

Mick Flavin, Country Music Star and Blackberry Hearing Customer, Sunday World May 20202020-05-28T10:54:44+01:00

Irish Daily Mirror May 2020


The Irish Daily Mirror interviewed Blackberry Hearing customer Anne Ryan about her experience with our hearing aids and how they have changed her life for the better.

Irish Daily Mirror May 20202020-05-19T11:12:51+01:00

Widex Remote Care Service


Blackberry Hearing launches its Teleaudiology solution with Widex Remote Care for customers unable to travel to clinics with COVID-19 restrictions. This is just part of a number of initiatives rolled out by the company to serve its customers since the beginning of the lock-down.

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Hearing Aid Centre in Galway


Galway Hearing Clinic – Blackberry HearingBlackberry Hearing works hand in hand with many medical companies such as Affidea, various GP practices and Primary Care Centres nationwide. With nearly 50 hearing aid centres located across Ireland, Blackberry Hearing has grown quickly to become the largest Irish owned provider of hearing solutions. The company services Galway City [...]

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Hearing Aid Centre in Cork


Blackberry Hearing works hand in hand with Affidea Group, the leading provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatients service in Ireland, in Cork City and many other locations nationwide. The Cork City Blackberry Hearing clinic is located in Affidea ExpressCare in the Elysian Building, on Eglinton Street in Cork. Our Cork Audiologist The resident audiologist [...]

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Protect Your Hearing This Christmas.


As the Christmas season approaches and the social and party scene gains momentum, those with suspected Hearing Loss may notice themselves struggling to keep up with conversations in loud environments. Background noise such as loud music, large gatherings of people, noisy restaurants etc, whilst all enjoyable experiences, may present a problem for you if you [...]

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Blackberry Hearing & Irish Men’s Sheds Association


Men’s sheds are all about reducing social isolation and empowering communities and individual members. Blackberry Hearing’s ethos and values are exactly the same as ours. We know that hearing loss can hold men back from engaging socially, because there’s still a certain stigma and embarrassment around hearing loss.

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