Social Distancing Challenges & Tips for those with Hearing Loss

In light of COVID-19 it is important to consider the extra challenges facing people who suffer from hearing loss during this difficult time. We are all now more reliant on other forms of communication such as Instant Messaging, Social Media, Phone Calls, Skype and Zoom. Social distancing can mean additional challenges for people with hearing loss and their families. A recent article from Science Magazine discusses Social Distancing and the effects it has on us as people including those with Hearing Impairment and Loss.

Tips for Taking Care of your Hearing during Social Distancing

Whether you have a history of hearing problems or not, it is important to keep in mind these simple tips;

  1. Avoid loud noises – With most mass gathering including concerts postponed for the time being it may be a chance to listen back to some old records. However make sure to keep Led Zeppelin at a reasonable volume! If people do have to do something noisy such as DIY then it is important that they protect their hearing by using ear muffs and limiting the time they’re exposed to loud noise.
  2. Research has shown that low cardiovascular fitness is associated with poorer hearing sensitivity. It’s important to take a daily walk for about 30 minutes each day if possible – while keeping to the social distancing guidelines of 2KM! Having a good diet is of course very important too.
  3. Smoking is also linked to an increase in hearing loss. A recent study showed that “the increased risk of hearing loss decreased within five years after quitting smoking.” So, if you do smoke, quitting could make a big difference to your hearing.

Supporting our Customers

At Blackberry Hearing, while we may not be in clinics at the moment, we are still supplying customers everything they may need. This includes posting wax guards or filters, receivers, domes & batteries for hearing aids. Our online shop is also available for those needing to purchase supplies For anyone who needs their Hearing Aids serviced or Repaired – we are requesting customers to call the head office on 01-6978470 and we can arrange for this repair through the post or remotely.

It is important to check in with anyone that you think suffers from hearing difficulties to ensure that they have all the necessities to continue to go about their daily lives as normally as possible. Our office remains open and anyone with concerns about their hearing during this time should contact us on 01 6978470 or email [email protected] and one of our team will advise you.

Take care and stay safe everyone!