As the Christmas season approaches and the social and party scene gains momentum, those with suspected Hearing Loss may notice themselves struggling to keep up with conversations in loud environments. Background noise such as loud music, large gatherings of people, noisy restaurants etc, whilst all enjoyable experiences, may present a problem for you if you are experiencing Hearing Loss.

So how can you protect your hearing this Christmas and how loud is too loud?

The first thing to note is that when your hearing is subjected to loud noise—whether as a brief explosion of sound, or over a longer period of time—it can damage the delicate structures of your inner ear and cause permanent hearing loss. This is known as Noise Induced Hearing Loss and should be carefully monitored. If you suspect you are experiencing noise induced Hearing Loss, then limiting your exposure to very loud environments is advised.

Hearing Aids are also a great solutions as they will reduce the strain to hear and volumes can be adjusted up and down, thus protecting the hearing.

How do you know if your environment is too loud?

A good rule of thumb if you are at a Christmas event or party is to watch and take note if you have to shout over loud background noise to be heard, or if you are struggling to hear conversations, then it is too loud.

You should be able to hear your friends/family comfortably from about 3 feet away. If they cannot be heard at that distance, then you may be experiencing Hearing Loss and you should consider booking a Hearing Test with one of our Audiologists.

If you feel your ears ringing or feel like your own voice sounds muffled after a loud event, then these are also a red flag.

Resting your ears for a few days and making an appointment to have a free Hearing Test is advisable.

What can be done long term?

Hearing Aids provide a very practical long term solution and will improve the quality of your life and your experiences significantly.

During our Free Hearing Tests at Blackberry Hearing, one of our BSc/MSc qualified Audiologists will look for the signs of Hearing Loss and may advise that Hearing Aids are the best course of action.

If that is the case, do not be alarmed – Blackberry Hearing’s Hearing Aids are much more affordable than many other Irish providers at up to 60% less than our competitors. We also offer the most advanced technology with new, discreet models that are barely noticeable on the wearer.

If you suspect you have Hearing Loss, why not book a Free Hearing Test with us today and find out what is the best solution for you.

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