Make sure no one is left out of the conversation this Christmas!

At Blackberry Hearing, we love hearing stories from our clients of how their new Hearing Aids made life changing differences to their everyday experiences. We regularly hear from clients who tell us they have been able to re-join group conversations where they may have been missing out before. We have heard of teachers delaying retirement because they found an answer to their hearing difficulties. Our team have heard from singers and musicians who say their Blackberry Hearing aids have restored their joy of music and we have heard from Grandparents who say they can finally hear their grandchildren’s voices clearly.

In all of these reports that we get back from our clients, the most common thing they tell us is that their Hearing Aids have been life changing and have brought them back joy and freedom.

What better gift to give for Christmas than the gift of Hearing?

Think of the difference that hearing with clarity could make to the life of one of your family members or loved ones. The ability to take part in group conversations again and enjoy restaurants, bars, movie theaters etc without hearing difficulty. Reducing the strain on hearing, in fact, reduces the strain on the brain also. Hearing Loss has been linked to cognitive decline in older people, so an improvement in hearing could reduce the additional strain on brain function and slow down cognitive decline.

Contact our team to find out how you can spread the gift of Hearing this Christmas.

This Christmas, at Blackberry Hearing, when you purchase a pair of Widex Evoke Hearing Aids, you will also receive a Free TV Play worth €275!

The TV Play is an incredible device which pairs with your Widex Evoke Hearing Aids to provide direct stereo streaming to your hearing aids. It has a discreet design with outstanding sound quality. Focus on what you are watching on TV and exclude all other sounds or have a conversation and listen to the TV at the same time!

An offer not to be missed!

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