Widex Sound Connect


Whether you’re virtually meeting with colleagues, chatting with your children overseas on a video call, or just want to stream your favorite series, the Widex SoundConnect has you covered.



Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience with Widex SoundConnect, streaming stereo audio directly from personal computer/laptop directly to your Bluetooth-enabled Widex Moment and Magnify hearing aids.

Small & easy to use:

  • Insert Widex SoundConnect into your computer and forget about how difficult it used to be to engage in your online conversations!
  • Design: small and compact (22 x 1 5.9 x 6.8 mm; 2g)
  • Sound: high-quality stereo sound
  • Usability: plug-and-play, no installation required
  • Volume control: via PC/laptop volume setting; Widex Moment and Magnify App
  • Range: up to 8m line-of-sight