Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids electronically convert sound waves and produce exact duplication of the sound. Digital hearing aids have progressed significantly over the last number of years. The digital hearing aid allows for a more natural sound oppose to the most traditional analogy hearing aid.

Digital hearing aids also allow for more complex tuning that our Audiologists can refine the hearing aid specifically to the level of hearing loss. One key advantage digital hearing aids hold over analog hearing aids is the ability to store multiple channels. This allows the Audiologist to program specific frequencies for the hearing aid to provide the clearest possible sound. Our flagship hearing aid the Widex Moment allows users to program & store channels with the use of their iPhone.

Widex Digital Hearing Aids
Widex have grown to be one of the world’s leading hearing aid provider, the Danish brand specialising in technology driven hearing solutions. Over the past 5 years Blackberry Hearing have grown to become Widex’s largest Irish partner. Blackberry Hearing provide a number of high quality digital hearing aids to customers across Ireland.

Benefits of Digital Hearing Aids
  • Customisation to suit your level of hearing loss
  • More natural sounding
  • Improved reliability
  • Connectivity to smart phones & tablets
  • Improved style for a more discreet appearance
  • Designed for seamless comfort
Blackberry Hearing Plan
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Free after care service
  • Choice of styles available
  • Free hearing tests
  • Home hearing test & visits available

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Widex Evoke 440
Price With Grant Applied
€2,598 (Pair)



quiX 6 Invisibile Hearing Aid Price With Grant Applied
€2,598 (Pair)



Unitron Moxi Move R
Price With Grant Applied €2,698 (Pair)



Widex Unique 440
Price With Grant Applied
€1,598 (Pair)



Widex Moment
Price With Grant Applied €3,798 (Pair)