Widex Hearing Aids

Since 2015 we have partnered with Widex to provide Irish hearing wearers a reliable and quality hearing aid experience. This partnership has seen us grow and become Ireland's largest Widex supplier. We are an approved Widex dispensary and Widex Moment practice.

Ireland's largest Widex supplier

Approved Widex dispensary

Approved Widex Moment practice

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CIC & RIC Models

Danish Heritage Since 1956

Established in 1956 by Christian Tøpholm, the Danish hearing aid manufacturer has consistently been at the forefront of developing hearing technology. All Widex hearing aid are manufacturer in their HQ in Lynge, Denmark ensuring the highest standards of manufacturing and quality testing are approved. The high standard of manufacturing and quality assurance has seen Widex become one of the most reliable hearing aids.

Widex developed a unique & powerful sound processing technology call PureSound & ZeroDelay. This technology eradicates the delay-based distortion that leads to the unpleasant and artificial sound often associated with hearing aids.

The vital component of ZeroDelay™ is the new ultrafast signal pathway that reduces the processing delay between microphone and receiver to below 0.5 milliseconds to overcome artificial sound. This technology allows for the most natural and responsive sound for the hearing aid wearer.

  • Widex Evoke 440 Passion

    From €3,798 Per pair with PRSI grant

    €2,798 Per pair without grant

  • Widex Moment 440

    From €4,798 Per pair with PRSI grant

    €3,798 Per pair without grant

  • Widex Evoke 330

    From €3,798 Per pair with PRSI grant

    €2,798 Per pair without grant

  • Widex Moment CIC

    From €3,798 Per pair with PRSI grant

    €2,798 Per pair without grant

Widex Moment Hearing Aids

We now offer the Widex Moment in both a Receiver In Canal & Completely In Canal design.

The Widex Moment 440 incorporates a Receiver In Canal  (RIC) design complete with PureSound and ZeroDelay technology complete with a lithium-ion battery for fast recharging. The Moment 440 also includes SoundSense technology which uses machine learning to provide you with the best hearing classification possible.

The Moment 330 offers a Completely In Canal (CIC) that offers a discreet hearing solution. Also referred to as invisible hearing aids as they sit neatly within the ear canal.

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Widex Evoke Hearing Aids

The Widex Evoke 440 is a premium hearing aid that incorporates SoundSense technology. This technology allows the hearing aid wearer to customize their preferences based on the recommendations made by the machine learning technology.

The Widex Evoke also includes sound classification technology. This means the Evoke adapts your hearing aid to the correct sound level in your environment, for example, a quiet movie theater or a busy sports arena.

The Evoke 440 also includes a Zen Tinnitus program that includes a built-in Tinnitus masker that uses factual tones to counteract tinnitus.