Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids have grown in popularity over the past number of years. As features including Bluetooth, streaming & wireless connectivity has enhanced the experience of using a hearing aid, the demands on battery usage has also increased.

Widex have become one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers to provide a fully rechargeable hearing aid. The Widex Moment now allows wearers to recharge their hearing aids quickly & efficiently. This reduces the time wearers need to spend replacing hearing aid batteries.

Rechargeable hearing aids including the Widex Moment use incorporate lithium-ion battery that offers a long last battery life but also lasts a number of years. Hearing aid wearers do not need to be concerned with the battery life hearing aid as they are designed to a last a number of years.

Key Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  • Fast charging time – 4 hour charge
  • Long lasting charge of 16 -20 hours use
  • No requirement to replace batteries frequently
  • Reduced risk of damage or moisture as there is no manual change of battery
  • Use your hearing aid to the full benefits & not worry about battery usage
  • No battery door so there is a reduced risk of damage

Why Choose Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

The Widex Moment has become one of the most popular rechargeable hearing aids on the market. Designed to enhance the experience of wearing a hearing aid, the Widex moment offers SoundSense Learn that guides users to personalise the hearing aid to specific hearing programs.

This allows the wearer to simply control the level of sound with their hearing aids.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Blackberry Hearing provide the Widex Moment that is fully rechargeable with a lithium-ion battery. With the PRSI grant €3,798 (Pair), if the grant is unavailable the cost is €4,798 (Pair).

The lithium-ion battery within the Widex Moment has a battery life of 16 -20 hours, depending on the type of usage this may reduce the amount of time.

Typically the lithium-ion battery last 4-5 years. If your battery needs to be replaced, your hearing aid provider will carry out this process.
The battery compartment is sealed by the hearing aid manufacture. If you have concerns about your battery please contact our team who are happy to help.