Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids electronically convert sound waves and produce exact store multiple channels. This allows the Audiologists to program-specific frequencies for the hearing aid to provide the clearest possible sound. Our flagship hearing aid the Widex Moment allows users to program & store channels with the use of their iPhone.

Widex digital hearing aids

Established in 1956, Widex has grown to become of the global leaders in hearing technology and solutions. Widex have hearing aids are now sold in over 100 countries worldwide with a key emphasis on innovation, reliability, and remote care. Our partnership with Widex began in 2015 which has grown incrementally. We are now Ireland’s largest Widex provider and Widex Moment approved seller. Our duplication of the sound. Digital hearing aids have progressed significantly over the last number of years. The digital hearing aid allows for a more natural sound oppose to the most traditional analogy hearing aid.

Advantages of digital hearing aids

Digital hearing aids also allow for more complex tuning that our Audiologists can refine the hearing aid specifically to the level of hearing loss. One key advantage digital hearing aids hold over analog hearing aids is the ability to portfolio includes several Widex digital hearing aids including the Widex Moment, Evoke, Unique & Dreams.

Unitron digital hearing aids

Originating from Canada, Unitron has grown to one of the worlds leading hearing aid provides. With 50 years of engineering and design experience, Unitron has excelled in produced high-quality, reliable, and innovative hearing solutions. Our partnership with Unitron began in 2020 as we wanted to provide our customers with an Android-compatible solution. We currently stock the Unitron Moxi Move R with plans to add more to our product portfolio.

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Our range of digital hearing aids ranges from €1,600 to €3,798 per pair with the Government PRSI grant applied. Our hearing aids range from entry-level that are designed for mild hearing loss to profound hearing loss.

Hearing aid amplifiers are designed to boost environmental sounds. Unlike digital hearing aids, hearing aid amplifiers are not tailored to your level of hearing loss. Digital hearing aids are programmed by professional Audiologists to be specifically tailored to your hearing loss.

On average our hearing aids last over 4 years. Both Widex and Unitron provide a 4 year manufacturer warranty.

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