Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth technology enables functionality that allows hearing aid wearers to connect to smart devices. Bluetooth enhances the features of hearing aids to connect them to your Apple devices. As the hearing aid can connect via Bluetooth, additional devices including the Widex Play allow you to stream your hearing aid directly to your hearing aid, the added benefit is you can clear hear the sounds & without subtitles.

Personalised Experience

Our customers who purchase Bluetooth hearing aids enjoy some of the features including:

  • Receive phone calls
  • Listen to music from your iPhone
  • Connect to iPads, Apple Watches & iPhones
  • Connect to devices like the Widex Play
  • Control your hearing aid preferences via App
  • Connect With Our Hearing Aid App

  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aid, change programs & alter sound levels of hearing aids.
  • Choose the direction of sound
  • Connect with Widex COM-DEX App
  • How Much Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost ?

    Blackberry Hearing provide two Bluetooth enabled hearings aids including the Widex Evoke & Widex Moment. Both hearing aids allow you to connect to Apple devices enabling you to stream directly to your hearing aid.