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Hearing Aids


Blackberry Hearing provides Top-Of-The-Range hearing solutions in Ireland with over 40 clinics nationwide. The company partners with Widex, a world leader in manufacturing hearing aids, to provide advanced hearing aids with styles such as Invisible In-The-Ear, discrete behind the ear (RIC), and features that include direct wireless connectivity to your TV & smartphone and Remote Virtual Care.

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Transparent Pricing


Blackberry Hearing, having been established in 2015 to provide quality hearing aids at more affordable prices, is now the largest Irish owned hearing aid provider. With a reputation for affordability, transparency, customer care, and professionalism Blackberry Hearing has a 5-Star Google Reviews’ rating. Call us for advice, prices, or to see if you qualify for the €1000 per pair PRSI grant (Most people do).

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Customer Experience


With a commitment to providing best in class customer service, your Blackberry Hearing Audiologist ensures you receive a thorough and accurate hearing consultation. Blackberry Hearing employs BSc or MSc degree qualified audiologists, are supported by our Customer Service team with a reputation for outstanding customer care (5-Star rating Google Reviews!) and are always available to take your call.


Hearing Test


Blackberry Hearing offers a Free hearing test in over 40 clinics. The consultation is a full examination of your hearing health including a pure-tone hearing assessment, a visual examination of your ears, and a discussion with your Audiologist (BSc or MSc qualified). You will get an Audiogram (a chart of your hearing loss), a diagnosis, and you even get to try out the latest hearing technology, if you have hearing loss!

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Hearing Aid Grant


The PRSI Hearing Aid Grant is available from the Department of Social Protection. Simply call us, tell us your PPS number and we can check if you are eligible for the Grant while on the phone! Eligibility is dependant on your PRSI contributions so most Irish residents qualify. The Grant is worth €500 towards the price of one hearing aid or €1000 towards the price of a pair!

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Online Hearing Test


Our Online Hearing Test is an easy way to identify if you have hearing loss. It checks your hearing using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Plug in a pair of headphones, in a quiet room for best results, and then simply complete the test. Once tested, you will receive an immediate online diagnosis. You may then choose to book a Free consultation with one of our audiologists should you wish to find out more.

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Ireland’s only Google Reviews 5-Star Hearing Aid Provider!

Blackberry Hearing is an independently owned Irish company scoring 5 Stars out of 5 from nearly 130 customer reviews on Google! See hundreds of validated customers’ comments on our testimonial page including a link to independent Google reviews. Call us today on 01 6978470 and we will talk you through the entire process step by step, including our Free Hearing Consultation, hearing aid prices, the Government PRSI grant as well as finding a local clinic for you. We commit to providing you with the best possible hearing solution at the most affordable prices. If you are not fully happy, we give you your money back.


Blackberry Hearing Online Hearing Test

You can now check your hearing loss online with Blackberry Hearing. Find a quiet place, connect a pair of headphones and follow the instructions after you click on the below link. You can contact us at  01 6978470 for any further information, at any time.  For your FREE Online Hearing Test simply click on the below bar.



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Widex Unique 440


  • 15 channels of excellent sound resolution for scintillating clarity
  • 9 fully automatic class programs to optimize the sound environment and minimize background noise
  • Great wind attenuation which is ideal for an outdoor life
  • Great for listening to music with great pitch reproduction and minimal distortion
  • Free discreet remote control attaches to key ring
  • Award-winning Widex model
  • 2 years free batteries
  • 4-year warranty
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Widex Evoke 440


  • ALL the features of the Unique 440 but much, much more
  • Probably, the world’s most advanced hearing aid model with a capability to learn your preferences
  • Stunning natural sound quality
  • Streams ALL audio directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids including phone calls and music (Spotify/Apple Music)
  • The Evoke App allows users to do the following with their hearing aids
  • Lifetime Free Batteries!
  • 4-Year Warranty
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Widex Moment 440


  • ALL the features of the Evoke 440 and a lot more!
  • The most authentic sounding hearing aid ever produced
  • Worlds Smallest Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • Includes Free TV Play (worth €275) to stream sound from your TV
  • Includes Free Remote Care for Home servicing!
  • Incredible natural sound quality
  • Bluetooth streaming of audio directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids including phone calls and music (Spotify/Apple Music)
  • 4-Year Warranty
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