Online Hearing Test

How to get the best results from our Online Hearing Test

  1. Use a pair of Headphones or Earbuds to take the test
  2. Ensure the Volume on your computer, tablet or smartphone is set to the max
  3. Find a quiet room or space, free from background noise to take the test.

How does this test work?

  1. This test works by determining how well you can hear various frequencies using audio tones.
  2. You simply move the volume slider until you can barely hear the tone.
  3. Once you finish listening to all of the tones, you will be presented with your Audiogram, which is a graph showing your left ear (blue) and right ear (red) and how well they can hear at the tested frequencies.

After the Test

For further analysis or to discuss your results, you can call us at 01 6978470 or send an email to [email protected] with your name and contact details. We will then schedule an audiologist to call you to explain your results free of charge. Please select your headphones to start the test. You can also check out our list of clinic locations to find one convenient for you. Blackberry Hearing also offers home/domiciliary visits at no charge for customers unable to get to a clinic.

After your test, you can always request a Free Hearing Consultation with one of our Audiologists by clicking here.