Hearing Tests Home Visit

Blackberry Hearing provide a home hearing test for patients who may not be able to visit one of our clinics. At present our Audiologists are providing home visits to patients who are unable to leave their homes during the Covid 19 pandemic. When a audiologist visits the patients home they wear full PPE & a temperature check is completed on both the patient & Audiologist before entering the home.

Covid 19 Screen Before Home Visit

A member of our team will call you the day before the test in order to run through some short Covid 19 questions.

Once the short questionnaire has been completed you will be asked to wear a mask in your home, the Audiologist will be in full PPE equipment also.

What Is included in a home visit ?

Free Hearing Test:

A series of sounds & frequencies are played in order to access your hearing. Our Audiologist will be able to provide a full assessment on your hearing. The test normally takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete.

Ear Examination:

A physical examination & health check of your ears to ensure there are no issues that may be causing discomfort or loss of hearing.

Audiogram Analysis:

The Audiologist will explain the how the audiogram reading. An audiogram shows the level of hearing in both your left & right ear. If hearing loss is present the audiologist will highlight this to you on the audiogram and show where the variance lies.

The audiologist can discuss hearing aid options if they are required & explain the benefits they may have.
We offer home hearing visits across Ireland with Audiologists in Leinster, Munster, Connacht & Ulster.

Our home visits are 100% no obligation & completely free.

Customers Who Received A Home Visit