Blackberry Hearing Launches Widex Moment Hearing Aid in Ireland

Widex Moment 440 – One of the World’s Smallest Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The Widex Moment 440 is the latest and most advanced hearing aid ever produced by Widex. It features incredible new Hearing Aid technology such as PureSound & Zero Delay, which  transform the listening experience for the customer. This new Flagship Hearing Aid is also the first Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aid from Widex and is in fact the World’s Smallest Rechargeable hearing aid.

The Moment also expands upon the Widex Evoke Machine Learning capabilities for adjusting the listening experience in Real-time for the customer while 

allowing users to create their own programs based on their lifestyle. The sleek new design an charging case makes charging the hearing aids so easy, simply drop the hearing aid into the charging slot and it will begin to charge, indicated by the built in lights. No more fussing around with working out which aid goes into which port or whether it clicked in correctly. Widex have said that customers should expect a minimum of 16 hours battery life from a full 

charge, but are being quite conservative on the numbers from our tests! A full charge is achieved in a matter of hours and 4-5 hours of use can be gained from a 30 minute quick-charge. Blackberry Hearing also understand that a portable charging case /power bank style charger is planned to be available later in the year and will of course be provided to our customers.

For 99% of customers, the Widex Moment will be a game-changer for their hearing and a revelation for those users who have previously worn hearing aids and experienced tinny/ artificial sounds.

Widex Moment 440 Features

  • PureSound & Zero Delay Technology – Making it the most authentic/realistic sounding hearing aid in the world.
  • World’s Smallest Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • Advanced Water Resistant Nano Coating for longer life & durability
  • Streaming Compatible for Apple iPhone & Android 10 Ready
  • New Widex Moment App

Widex Moment Pricing & Availability with Blackberry Hearing

The new Widex Moment 440 Rechargeable Hearing Aid is currently exclusively available to Blackberry Hearing customers. As a preferred Widex customer, the new flagship device is available for €4,398 for a pair. This is without the €1,000 deduction of the Government PRSI grant, of which most people qualify, bringing the price down to €3,398 a pair with the grant. If you are interested in finding out more about this new Hearing Aid, call us today on 01-6978470 or email us at [email protected]