Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology has developed over the past number of years improving both the sound technology & design. In the past hearing aids where often large or oversized but evolved into a sleek piece of wearable technology. Such advancements in digital hearing aids have improve not only the sound quality but reliability & connectivity to smart devices including your iPhone or Android device.


Widex Moment 440

The Widex Moment 440 is the latest and most advanced hearing aid ever produced by Widex. It features incredible new Hearing Aid technology such as PureSound & Zero Delay, which transform the listening experience for the customer. This new Flagship Hearing Aid is also the first Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Hearing Aid from Widex.

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Unitron Moxi Move R

The Unitron Moxi Move R uses Lithium-Ion technology for hassle-free battery changes. Compatible with both Android & Apple devices, hearing aid wearers can stream their favorite music, podcasts & take receive calls through the hearing aid. The Moxi Move R also includes a Tinnitus masker that is designed to help the condition.

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Widex Evoke 440

The Widex Evoke 440 is the World’s first smart hearing aid and features advanced machine learning technology called SoundSense learn. This enables the hearing aid to learn and adapt itself to your surroundings each time you wear them. The Evoke is also the first Made For iPhone (MFi) hearing aid from Widex, allowing Bluetooth streaming of all audio from your smartphone or tablet to your hearing aids.

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Widex Unique 440

Widex Unique lets your hear more sounds, no matter where you are, or what you're doing. The Unique 440 incorporates Bluetooth, 15 channels, noise reduction & Tinnitus Masking. As with all Blackberry Hearing aids we include a 4 year warranty, free service checks & appointments with our Qualified Audiologists.

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Hearing Aid Pricing

Model Price Before Grant Price After Grant
Widex Dream 330 €1,998 (Pair) €998 (Pair)
Widex Unique 440 €2,598 (Pair) €1,598 (Pair)
Widex Evoke 440 €3,598 (Pair) €2,598 (Pair)
Widex Moments €4,798 (Pair) €3,798 (Pair)
quiX 6 Invisibile €3,598 (Pair) €2,598 (Pair)
Unitron Moxi Move R €3,698 (Pair) €2,698 (Pair)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a PRSI grant is available to help assist with the costs of your hearing aids.
The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection will pay half the cost of your hearing aids with a maximum contribution of €500 per hearing aid.
Simply provide us with your PPS number and we can check your grant eligibility.

Although there is no cure for Tinnitus, hearing aids have been found to help individuals suffering for tinnitus. Tinnitus occurs when there is some form of hearing loss. This can be managed with a hearing aid under the professional guidance of an Audiologist.

Our warranty covers 3 – 4 years depending on the model you choose. All service calls & ear wax removal for Blackberry are free.