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Blackberry Hearing Customer Care

Blackberry Hearing prides itself on providing excellent Hearing Aids at much more affordable prices, combined with exceptional customer care.

I have my hearing aids almost a year now and I can’t believe the difference that they have made to my life. On the rare occasion that I forget to insert them in the morning I realise how much I miss them; constantly asking people to repeat themselves or remain socially isolated. My initial contacts with blackberry and subsequent visits have been made effortless by the expert care received by Rhea, the audiologist. She is extremely helpful and efficient, and all follow up care is carried out with a smile. I would have no hesitation in recommending blackberry hearing to anybody. Ger Egan.
A wonderful and life changing experience. Claire and the Blackberry Hearing team are so professional and dedicated to helping you hear. I was put a ease straight away. Everything was clearly explained and great time and patience taken to customise and tailor the hearing aids to my hearing needs. I recommend Claire and the Blackberry Team without hesitation. I can’t thank them enough.
Terence O’Sullivan Changed my love’s life, honestly don’t go beyond BlackBerry
Michael Edwards My neighbours are delighed with my Blackberries …Work it out …Brilliant service and cost. Hint: The TV!
Just got a new hearing aid from these guys, they are great, the audiologist Rita was so professional and wonderful it made the experience
Blackberry Hearing Testimony.
Hi my name is Aaron Carter,
Having been under a Ear Nose and Throat Doctor for a couple of years I noticed my hearing
was not great.
He stated my left ear was less than perfect but In his opinion I did not need a hearing aid.
I got in touch with blackberry hearing to request a meeting with the audiologist it turned
out I did need a hearing aid.
When I got the hearing aid it made a big difference to my day to day life, I could hear much
better than before.
The audiologist stated my left ear did not look right so he requested I see a ENT specialist.
It turned out I had a skin growth inside of my ear which was stated it could be dangerous.
So I was told surgery would be required
The audiologist kept in touch with me to see how things were progressing.
Blackberry Hearing in general are a good company to deal with.
Very friendly staff etc.
I would recommend them to anyone.
Michael Winkle BlackBerry hearing are amazing. I contacted them over 12 months ago. Met with Rita. There was absolutely no pressure placed on me to buy. I eventually made the decision to get my hearing aids 3 weeks ago and am thrilled with them. BlackBerry are a super company to deal with. Aftercare service is outstanding. As for Rita, she is just a wonderful person. Thank you for making my life so much better.
Riçhard Duffy I got them 50percent cheaper than 3 companies in Dublin and A GREAT BACK UP 1000 percent
Peter Finnegan I bought my hearing aids from Blackberry Hearing 5 weeks ago. They are fantastic. Firstly, they are almost 50% cheaper than some of their rivals. I dealt with a wonderful girl called Rhea in Ashbourne. These hearibg aids have made such a fantastic difference to my life. I cannot recommend Blackberry Hearing highly enough.
Micheál Ó Coinn I have severe tinnitus with hearing loss on both ends of the spectrum. Any more than one sound becomes a blur of sound which makes public conversation almost impossible some days. The difference these made for me was night and day! An absolutely stellar difference. Truly, half the cost of anything remotely equivalent. Saving every cent for my pair! Thank you for hope.
Best thing i ever did.really happy with my new hearing aids and the service is 2nd to none
Best thing i ever did.really happy with my new hearing aids and the service is 2nd to none
third of the price of previous ones. Contact them, no pressure at all, but good service and aftercare👌
Catherina Flanagan Amy Aylward Amy they are the very ones I have and they are brilliant
Maura I have them and I’m delighted with them.. I went for the €1,600 pair with the grant… Less than half the price I was quoted by another company.. I hope this helps you..
Kathy Hayes Fantastic company and lovely people to deal with. Would highly recommend them. I purchased two hearing aids for my dad and the continuing support is second to none. If I ever have a problem it is dealt with straight away. I couldn’t say enough about them. Well done guys.
Fiona Geraghty I had my hearing checked in Waterford, great service, my dad has a hearing aid with this company. Great aftersale service
Sinead Coleman I literally could not live my life as I do without these hearing aids. At the age of 40 I discovered a major hearing loss and blackberry hearing aids have made my life manageable again.
Marjorie Burke I bought one…I must say they are very good. Everyone at BlackBerry hearing are so professional. Great price.
Michael Edwards Brilliant I just realised that I have not used the words Whats That Again in the past week,My neighbours are not banging on the wall.Go on admit your deaf took me ages.I had to have a pacemaker fitted after my first quote for hearing aids.The Credit Union refused me a loan true and then a friend recommended Blackberry thanks Johnny Barry and Merry Christmas.Go on Treat yourself and give your family and friends a break repeating themselves.
Jack Hinton I applied for this about a fortnight ago, and thought I had missed out. So I went to a different company. Was told I did need hearing aids and was quoted €1900,after the grant had been applied. Decided to go home and think about it as its a lot of money. Following day I received a phone call from these guys(Blackberry Hearing) and an appointment was made and I went today, The audiologist I saw was amazing and put me completely at ease. She told me that while hearing aids would help me, there could be an underlying cause for my hearing problem. Thing with the health service in Ireland is the waiting lists go on forever and I need a short term solution for health and safety reasons at work, so I decided to go ahead and purchase hearing aids. And wow just wow what a difference they are making all ready. As for the cost? €1000 after the grant has been applied is a hell of a lot better than the other company quoted. Seriously guys I wouldn’t go past Blackberry Hearing if you think you have a problem.
Thomas Lynch Anyone with hearing problem I would strongly recommend BlackBerry hearing I availed of there services last year changed my life
Caroline Owens I recommend them I have had mine for 8 months, great value, good after care service, friendly people to deal with.
Clifford O’hanlon Can truly recommend this product and the service the company gives. Any time I have contacted them their response is immediate and it is great to actually be answered by a human voice than a robot recording
Micheál Ó Coinn Went, tried and loved them! I can’t hear with background noise and severe tinnitus and it helped with all of it!
Phillip Khan-Panni , I was quoted nearly 3,000 euro by another company. Blackberry Hearing charged me only 999 euro. That was for 10 channels of improvement. For 15 channels their quote was 1,300 euro
Phillip Khan-Panni , I was quoted nearly 3,000 euro by another company. Blackberry Hearing charged me only 999 euro. That was for 10 channels of improvement. For 15 channels their quote was 1,300 euro
Stephen Stewart I can say from experience that this company blackberry hearing put a lot of effort into customer satisfaction and supply their products at a very reasonable price and their hearing aids are fantastic. I have mine over a year now.
I’ve had hearing aids since I was a kid and tried many different types
Some were very expensive due to some avant garde “technology ” that was suppose to impress me beyond belief but turned out disappointing .
So if you like something practical and simple to care for that does exactly what it’s supposed to do then I can vouch for blackberry hearing to give you what you need .
Maria Houlihan Nílim a croi, fuair m’fhear chéile iad seo an lá deirnach, tá suaineas agam anois, ní caithfidh mé Gach rud a rá 3 babhta👍, tàim ag glaoch ‘divorce Avoiders’ orthu 😁😁
“Even a review in Irish, translated means” …My Husband got these the last day, It’s like a dream now because I don’t need to say everything three times. I’d call these hearing aids  “Divorce Avoiders” “
Deirdre Hughes Got these before Christmas best thing i ever did. You can be so cut off from every day life because of not hearing. Great service and price. Highly recommend these hearing aids.
Trisha Claire Kelly I have the BlackBerry hearing aid its so small and amazing to hear again well done BlackBerry for helping me to hear and not make it obvious that I have a hearing problem
I have one of them and really recommend it. Excellent product, caring service, surprisingly low price.
Clifford O’hanlon This company is first class who go out of their way in putting the customer first. Thanks Niamh
Mickey Gill blackberry hearing aids company are the best and most inexpensive aids on the market compared to other providers and great after care service i would recommend blackberry they have made my life more easier to hear (forgive the pun)
Pat DoylGreat company to deal with. Great staff and after sales service
Michael Maher I can highly recommend Blackberry hearing aids. I have them 18 months now & no problems plus they are a lovely company to deal with.
John Mcgowan yes indeed well done BlackBerry, and Darragh, I had a problem with one of the aids and rang Dublin on Tuesday late afternoon, Darragh arrived on wednsday afternoon and had the problem solved in mins, super service, keep it up
Maura Roche Highly recommend BlackBerry hearing


They are brilliant. I have tried a good few from different companies and found them no good but the one i got from BlackBerry is fantastic.

Eva Power Just got one today. It is great so far .and great value for money. I was getting one from hidden hearing and it was double the price so thank again to blueberry hearing it is fabulous.

Caroline Broadhurst They (Blackberry Hearing) are fantastic
Riçhard Duffy I got them 50percent cheaper here than 3 companies in Dublin and A GREAT BACK UP 1000 percent
Brendan Martin I got my hearing aids last year & I’m living in a new world since. Blackberry Hearing are undoubtly the best around for quality, price ( 60% less than others), free batteries for 4 years & aftercare attention. You’d want to be mad to go anywhere else.
Brendan Martin
Bigjohns Taxicab Dublin Best set up ever, Polite, respectful staff and not to hard the pocket. I’ve got mine.
Anne Mcmanus Have had hearing aids for over 10 years new were going to cost me so much more then I just went to all the hearing aid providers to get their prices and their follow up service and I found that Blackberry lived up to their expectations and guarantee I can vouch for them 100% they are wonderful and I have never been more happy with their wonderful service would recommend them to anyone looking for great customer services

I have to say blackberry hearing has changed my life, TV at home is down by over 50%, I can now talk to and hear my friends when I go for a pint but the biggest benefit bis when I go into a class of up to 40 teenagers I can actually hear them and answer their questions. Thank you blackberry hearing.

John Mcgowan yes indeed well done BlackBerry, and Darragh, I had a problem with one of the aids which was my issue and rang Dublin on Tuesday late afternoon, Darragh arrived on the wednsday afternoon and had the problem solved in mins, super service, keep it up

I have to say blackberry hearing has changed my life, TV at home is down by over 50%, I can now talk to and hear my friends when I go for a pint but the biggest benefit bis when I go into a class of up to 40 teenagers I can actually hear them and answer their questions. Thank you blackberry hearing.

Barry Kavanagh Recently purchased from Blackberry, I had looked at most of the major suppliers on the market and I am very happy with the price and quality of the product and service.
Hi I have two also such a life change 🤗🤗👍

Tom Prendergast I got my hearing aids in blackberry hearing last Tuesday ! My tinnitus is gone! I can hardly believe it! Thank you so much blackberry hearing

Pat Bridgeman Since getting mine.has totally changed my life

David Stewart Very professional lady in Wexford,Rita, made a relaxing atmosphere. Totally explain procedure, after hearing test recommended a hearing aid to suit my hearing loss. Never once did I feel uncomfortable or Rita was trying to get into my wallet. I felt totally relaxed, never under pressure to purchase. Thank you Blackberry Hearing, and professional Rita. Dave

Paul McCluskey My experience with Blackberry is positive. My dad is hard of hearing. He had three or four sets of hearing aids in the last 30 years. Two years ago, I contacted Blackberry on his behalf.

They sent an audiologist out to us. She was thorough and patient. At no point did she pressurise Dad to buy.

In the event, Dad tried the hearing aids. The audiologist could actually adjust the sound range of hearing aids via her laptop. In less than two hours from her arrival, Dad had a comfortable, functioning, pair of hearing aids

Breda Gallahue Guys this hearing Aid is brilliant I just recently got one off blackberry great service and brilliant after care so anyone that wants a hearing Aid this is place to purchase one

Ann French I Got My Hearing Aids Last Thursday And I Can Assure You You Won’t Get Better Quality Or Price Anywhere Else Cause I’ve Had Others And BlackBerry Were Almost €4,000 Less As I Had Already Got Grant For Previous Ones I Didn’t Qualify Again

I was dreading it but the moment I went in I felt quite at ease. I got my hearing aid and was completely
satisfied. I cannot live without it

Bernie Grogan We contacted BlackBerry hearing recently we were extremely happy with constellation purchase hearing aids very impressed prices are very affordable had very bad experience with other hearing aid companies can’t praise BlackBerry hearing enough
Jennifer White They do make a huge difference

BlackBerry hearing aids
My husband got a set of hearing aids from Blackberry hearing in Sligo 5 weeks ago darragh is the audioligist in Sligo he is excellent at his job he takes time to explain everything in detail to you and if you have a problem you just ring the office and the representative will call you back and get you sorted my husband finds these hearing aids extremely comfortable to wear…. it has opened up a new world for him as he can partake in group conversations now where he could not before… well done BlackBerry hearing and thank you Darragh

Antoinette Toomey Good Morning all, just a quick word about Blackberry Hearing. I had hearing aids fitted in August of this year and today I went back for a review with Bernadine. To say I’m happy with the hearing aids is an understatement, they have changed the every day quality of my life. I suffer with tinnitus and for me it has helped this condition. I’m now hearing what people are saying to me and not guessing what they are saying. The after care is excellent, just a call away and any issues you may have are dealt with. The price also makes them accessible to more people. Well done

Ann Marie Mitchell 

My mam lost one of her hearing aids before Christmas and went to Blackberry Clinic last month . Bernadine was only brilliant . Not only did Mam get the hearing aids that day she also got batteries to last a year and a remote control to help with background noises and attachments to the hearing aids so they won’t fall out of her ears . All this for €999 .she was entitled to the grant Of €1000 also . She is a new woman with them 

Audri Smith Excellent service, friendly professionals to deal with. What a difference in now hearing what’s all around me.
Exceptional price….
Keep up the good work….. they even supply batteries for the first year.
Joan Summers Murray Totally recommend BlackBerry. my husband had aids from them and the after service with a lovely girl this is superb. My hubby had aids off another leading company which cost a lot of money were not a patch on blackberry. thank you, Rita for looking after Albert

Hilary Murphy Friday 19/01/18 at 1006. Blackberry hearing.
A long winded assessment of the excellent service experienced.
I had my test and trial fitting yesterday thursday 18th at the Pharmacy the Irishrown New Ross. If there is a downside its that I am likely to hear unwanted matters.
Ms Rita Foley the audiologist was excellent, patient and most tolerant of my persona and because of my pauper status I was obliged to opt for the cheaper option. 

Stupidly I hadnt prepared my self for the pre-patment and luckily my credit card possibly scaped through. I look forward to getting the 50% grant letter for signing.
The 45 day trial effort has begun and the 1st result is that my TV isnt put to the pin of its colour to satisfy my hearing buds. The 2nd matter is that I could not hear incoming phone calls necessiting the removal of the aid – but I am of the opinion that this will be rectied during the trial period when I get used to these yokes in my ears.

Overall the prices and courteous service do not necessite one having to mortgage one’s ears possibly very differnt that reports of other sources of similar suppliers. Thank you John at Blackberry and Rita Foley who earned her crust during the prolonged consultation. Hilary Murphy Portersland New Ross Co Wexford. Jan 2018.
PS – There is nothing free in this life however the inclusion of such an updated proffessional consultation is most reasuring. During the consultation we even discussed problems that I have with my 3rd ear that I didnt realise or know I had and that I am on a waiting list with Waterford University Hospital. Going on reports of long waiting lists they may have to visit the cemetry when my turn comes up.

Terence O’Sullivan So, my wife got the rolls Royce ones which cost us for both €2.6k, €1.6k with grant, life changing ..also includes 4 years of batteries, all follow on consults. So 1 week on we meet Bernadine who is a qualified audiologist to get a go over…5 star company
Nigel Gavin I bought my hearing aids from blackberry. Very good service and aftercare!
Suzanne McGee Excellent company would highly recommend a visit for anyone considering buying hearing aids

Betty Sorrell Wonderful, helpful and more interested in the needs of the customer than other suppliers. We went for a home visit because of circumstances and it was well worth it!

Wendy Spear Quirke My husband is delighted with his. Thanks Eveline in the office and Bernadine the audiologist!!

David Lowndes I best time I ever did was to go and get help from here and the girls that looked after were the best and I’m not making an ad it’s the truth thanks for everything and a very happy Christmas there
Wilton J Bragg I got my hearing aid final adjustments today (Thursday) I am very happy with it. No more repeat questions or cribbing about TV being too loud. Thanks Darragh.
Kevin Shaughnessy Excellent quality. Highly recommended.
Ann Lee Highly recommend Blackberry Hearing…thank you Megan
Anne Dineen Thank goodness for blackberry. I am delighted with my new hearing aid from them at affordable prices.


Graham Peter Colston If you can get the HSE Grant of €1,000.00 they will cost you around €500 per ear! So €1,000.00 is all you will pay, thats if you need two hearing aids. I got a price from other provider, and with the grant I would have had to have paid €2,000.00 ….€1,000.00 per ear! So Good old Blackberry saved me €1,000.00 & im very pleased with my hearing aids, & the gr8 service Blackberry provide!
Stanley Grier Got my blackberry hearing aid fitted a month ago very happy with it highly recommended great service l got it fitted in letterkenny by Darren mc Gowen audiologist. My hearing now is 100%bette

I found Blackberry Hearing to be exemplary in all their dealings. Straight up and best pricing by a country mile. The hearing aids were the top of the range and the audiologist, Rita, was brilliant with my father. He is delighted.

Colin Anderson Life changin I agree Pat Bridgeman, would be lost without mine.

Hilary Murphy Thursday 09/08/18 at 0846. Blackberry Hearing
Thank you John for the prompt in good order the return of my Blackberry hearing aid. The required service and tweaking seems to have been most successful to the extent that my new found lip reading attribute has now been consigned to the bin.
Your package arrived at my home yesterday 08/08/18, This is particularly impressive considering the current holiday period and the bank holiday weekend .Many thanks also for your corteous note. Olay Olay Olay. 

Kind regards to you, your Blackberry team and to Ms Rita Foley your excellent audiiologist for our South East region.
Hilary [Mr] Murphy, Ashton House, Portersland, New Ross, Co Wexford,

Damien Farrell Very professional and friendly staff. Great service. I couldn’t speak more highly of both Staff and the product!
Teresa Flynn Keogh

about 3 months ago

Highly recommended by my dad who got his hearing aids here. Service and aftercare wonderful and to to it all cheapest around

Teresa Flynn Keogh, Facebook Testimonial Link

Breda Toohey Fitzgerald Thank you for giving my Mom her hearing back at 90 ,, 

Breda Toohey Fitszgerald, Facebook Testimonial Link
Kathleen Fox Blackberry hearing are the best . Their prices are Affordability . The staff are so friendly and the aftercare is fantastic .since my husband got his hearing aids in March he is a changed man . The television volume is down by 50% . We were at a wedding last week and he was delighted that he could hear everything he is delighted . Thanks.

Wow what a service I got!! I had a lovely Lady named Rita call to my home this morning & explain everything to me, tested my hearing & to my utmost amazement she prepared & set up 2 hearing aids for me there & then & low & behold I’ve had my new hearing aids in all day & no one had noticed I had them in, they are so comfortable I don’t even know I’m wearing them, except my hearing is I must say 100% better with them in, oh my god! The volumn on my tv was at 55 last night, when I turned on tv this evening I very quickly had to lower it to 25! Can hear the birds singing outside & I’m inside! I was not pressured to buy & I have them for a 45 day trial. If I’m not satisfied – I can get my money back

Hello,we had our mother tested today by Bernadine, our mother is in a nursing home in Cahir co Tipperary. I must say Bernadine was so caring and gentle with a 95 yr old lady we were very happy. Our mother needed only one hearing aid, which we gladly paid for. Bernadine was very honest and decided one hearing aid was enough, as one ear was almost totally deaf.

We are delighted with the service and Bernadine will pop back in 2 weeks to check the hearing aid out. So I would advise anyone to check out Blackberry Hearing for themselves.

N kenneally.

Noreen Kenneally, Facebook Testimonial Link

On Behalf of my husband Mossie and indeed my self exceptional aftercare service especially Rita Foley on her quick response and kindness in sorting his hearing aid. I call her my Guardian Angel. xxxx Thank You.

Renders Jackie My husband has them, they are very good!

Jill Dunne  Fantastic, Blackberry Hearing. We dealt with Rita as well,a truly lovely person, we felt no pressure with her and made a purchase,a very satisfied customer thank you Rita

Eithne Hynes I had Rita here with me too,she is lovely very patient and most of all no pressure to buy,with 45 days trial you cant go wrong,i have to make another appointment for her to call
Gillian Doran I had the same experience yesterday the lady name was Bernadine she explained everything to me very happy with my new hearing aids 
Caroline Hunt I got aids from Blackberry Hearing and they are the best thing ever.Megan looked after me when i called over.Tested me and i walked out with aids an hour later.Very happy costumer thank you John Ryan and your fab team.Would recommend Blackberry Hearing 100%.

I had no particular audiology company in mind but a friend recommended that I should contact Blackberry Hearing which I did & it was the best decision I could have made. …..I was immediately put at ease by both the expertise & personal touch of the audiologist. My hearing loss was expertly analysed and EXPLAINED and the most suitable aids for MY particular needs were identified – Not based on the most expensive set….but on what was best for ME..Compared to …others I was pleasantly surprised by the price difference….I cannot recommend Blackberry Hearing highly enough.

Michael Maher

Lovely to deal with and very helpful people.

I got one yesterday and I am very pleased with it. Don’t even know I am wearing it. Cost €1,300 but because I qualify for €500 grant only cost me €800 will be getting another one in 2 weeks time but need to get my other ear syringes before I get my second one. The consultation I got from Rea Finnegan was first class. Can’t recommend her highly enough. My life has improved the minute I got it. Can’t wait to get my second one

Carmel O'Connor, Facebook Testimonial Link

Fab hearing aids 
I’m delighted with them ,

Stephen Stewart, Facebook Testimonial Link
Nigel Gavin I bought my hearing aids off blackberry. Very good service and aftercare
James Scanlon Got one and I am very happy
Pat Bridgeman Since getting mine.has totally changed my life

Fantastic aids highly reccommend them and great aftersales service as well. The price is “Right” too.

Patrick J Morrissey, Facebook Testimonial Link

Terence O’Sullivan I opted in for my love whose hearing has dis improved drastically…as I type this she is with lovely Blackberry audiologist Bernadine . Who knew Facebook was a force for good ?!!

Terry O'Sullivan, Facebook Testimonial Link

Very Happy with mine. Excellent service.

Done test with Bernadine..excellent…test..highly recommend….Went Limerick..great test…collecting hearing aids fri

Aidan Moore I recently received 2 hearing aids from BlackBerry. There is nothing vague about their pricing. I qualified for a e1000 grant which they processed. I am nothing but a very satisfied customer. One of the best things I ever did.

Michael Kavanagh Since I got my hearing aids it has changed my life thank u blackberry hearing and thanks to rita
Michael Kavanagh, Facebook Testimonial Link
Mary Wilson Fantastic service
Will Joe Rooney Go and try BlackBerry, they’re definitely worth it. No more asking people to repeat the question. Of course you can still just try and not buy
Will Joe Rooney, Facebook Testimonial Link

Christine O’Keeffe My father in law got his new hearing aids yesterday. And he’s delighted with them. There was a problem with the software and he couldn’t get them on Thursday but your rep Rhea called to his house yesterday to fit them for him. Dealings with blackberry hearing couldn’t have been easier.

Christine O'Keefe, Facebook Testimonial Link
Agnes Byrne I am delighted with my aids so glad I have them now

This is from Philip ‘O Donoghue in Drum, Co. Roscommon and sent by email today.

I’m so happy with my new hearing aids from Blackberry Hearing that I have to write to thank you for all your help in getting me sorted with them. My hearing world has dramatically changed! I can hear my shoes squeaking as I walk, I can hear the noise of combing my hair,(what I have left) I can hear the car indicators, I don’t have to put the TV up loud or the radio, and I now hear the sermon at Mass! My family are delighted that I am not constantly saying “what” and I am not talking so loudly. My hearing has been poor for about 20 years, but every time I made an effort to do something about it I was always put off by the cost of hearing aids. Way out of my league. Awhile back I saw the ads. in the local papers, for Blackberry Hearing aids. I thought the prices were very reasonable. I did some searching on the internet and Blackberry Hearing, always had the best prices. They also only employ degree level University trained Audiologists like Yourself! So I duly got a local appointment and had my ears tested by You, a very helpful professional Audiologist who answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. I had my wife along and we agreed to buy a hearing aid for both ears as my hearing was very bad in each ear. I could see all this graphically on Your Audiologist’s computer after the ear test. These aids are amazing, they can be programmed with many channels to suit different occasions and I got a free remote control to change the aids, either sound up and down, or go to a different channel altogether. All this was totally new to me! With a free supply of batteries for years and free consultations! Ye made me an offer I could not refuse.! I am so delighted with my new hearing aids, and I don’t have a big loss in my pocket! I went in with very bad hearing to the consultation, and I came out hearing so much I could not believe my ears! The hearing aids can be adjusted to suit each individual and I got used to what the new sounds were, quickly enough. I just had my 4 weeks free consultation yesterday so I am new to this new exciting world of sound and really enjoying it. I sincerely thank you for all your help and for my brave new world of sounds, I hadn’t heard in years.

Every best wish, Philip O’Donoghue Drum, Athlone, Co. Roscommon

Philip O'Donoghue
Bigjohns Taxicab Dublin

about 6 months ago

What a set up. Fab staff well priced aids, I walked out of there one happy camper. Keep it up.
John costelloe. Kildare

Patricia Fennell My husband just got them he’s very impressed , my only gripe is the colour choice ,black or grey ,I would have thought a skin colour would be best
He paid one thousand six hundred and that included the grant
Patricia Fennell, Facebook Testimonial Link


Nuala Wolfe They are wounderful So helpful Blackberry Hearing

Mary Casserly My Dad got these and is delighted with them. Rita very helpful and good aftercare if needed. Better than previous hearing aids he had.

It has turned my life around, It really has.

When we are out with a group of people, I’m in the conversation now. Everyone keeps asking me questions because they suddenly realise “What’s happening Declan? He’s chatting away now like he never did before”. They don’t realise the reason I never did before was that I couldn’t hear them!


Tony Casey Better and cheaper (answering question regarding quality of hearing aids compared to competition)

2about 5 months ago

Very pleased with Blackberry Hearing

There was times when there was a function on, I would opt out of going. But now my hearing is back to where it was, and I’m very very pleased with that. And i’m over the moon with the backup, it’s been brilliant for me. And real life changer.


Stevie Cleary just had mine done today very happy with it

I now hear clearly thanks to Blackberry Hearing Aids

Blackberry Hearing have supplied me with extraordinary comfortable hearing aids. I’m not aware that I’m wearing them. I am aware if I am not wearing them. They are high quality and have basically changes my life. The price was also superb!

I’ve been very happy with the response and service

The first thing I noticed on the Blackberry Hearing leaflet was the price. I rang up and made enquiries and we went from there. Blackberry Hearing processed the application for the grant. I didn’t have to do anything.. They looked after everything for me.


Michael Ormonde, Youtube Testimonial Link

I use Blackberry Hearing…Very good.

I can attest to that. Fantastic and professional staff. And I’m so happy with my Hearing Aids, my Quality of hearing is above and beyond what it used to be!

Patrick J Morrissey

16 weeks ago

Having had my aids for just under two years I found my right ear a little off so I thought of having them checked. I rang Rita and found out that she had moved from my area and gave me details of a clinic held in Athlone and the contact number and name. Rang the number and Bernnadine made an appointment which resulted in a thorough checkup and adjustment which solved my small problem. I asked for the amount due and was amazed when told that this service was free and no cost ensued to me. This alone would prompt me to recommend more friends to Blackberry beside being a great product and great prices.and now great service. Thank you Pat Morrissey

Patrick J Morrissey, Google Testimonial Link

Gerard McNamara

44 weeks ago

Blackberry hearing are the best hearing aid company I have found in Ireland, having dealt with several suppliers over the past 15 years. Their customers service is second to none, their prices are the best you will find anywhere, and their hearing aids are top quality. Would highly recommend

Gerard McNamara, Google Testimonial Link

Jeanette Eakins

22 weeks ago

Very friendly and professional. Would highly recommend to my friends

Jeanette Eakins, Google Testimonial Link