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Blackberry Hearing was established in 2015 with the aim of providing quality hearing aids at much more affordable prices. Working closely with Widex, one of the world’s top manufacturers of hearing aids, providing globally recognised best in class hearing devices, we’ve supplied thousands of customers in Ireland with life-changing technology at prices not otherwise available. Now Blackberry Hearing offers you the latest hearing aid technology from Widex in Cork. Situated centrally in Eglington Street, not far from Cork City Hall, we are easy to get to with plenty of parking close by.

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Best Hearing Aid Prices in Cork

At Blackberry, we offer these fantastic hearing aids at the very best hearing aid prices. We focus on just one trusted hearing aid manufacturer and their best and most reliable products. The economy of scale and the simplified operations that this achieves means that we can focus on delivering the hearing solutions at outstanding prices. All Blackberry Hearing aids are RICs – modern, discreet and extremely comfortable and sit neatly hidden behind the ear. They start from €499 per aid with the grant or €999 without the grant.

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Outstanding Levels of Care

Alongside the best hearing aids, we also offer an outstanding level of aftercare so that you can get on with enjoying your hearing for years to come. Blackberry Hearing employs BSc or MSc degree qualified audiologists to offer the best customer care. With our straightforward manner and commitment to customer satisfaction, we focus on the best hearing solution at the best prices.


My hearing aids are fantastic. Firstly, they are almost 50% cheaper than some of their rivals. I dealt with a wonderful girl called Rhea in Ashbourne. These hearing aids have made such a fantastic difference in my life. I cannot recommend Blackberry Hearing highly enough.

Peter Finnegan

Fantastic company and lovely people to deal with. Would highly recommend them. I purchased two hearing aids for my dad and the continuing support is second to none. If I ever have a problem it is dealt with straight away. I couldn’t say enough about them. Well done guys.

Kathy Hayes

I literally could not live my life as I do without these hearing aids. At the age of 40, I discovered a major hearing loss and blackberry hearing aids have made my life manageable again.

Sinead Coleman

Dream 330

Affordable device with great performance

  • Great balance of price and features

  • 10 channels of great sound resolution

  • Elegantly discreet, hiding comfortably behind the ear

  • Telecoil feature for streaming of church broadcasts

  • Reduced distortion in noisy environments

  • Free follow up for hearing aid life by a BSc level audiologist

  • 1 year free batteries

  • 4-year warranty

From €499 with the grant

Unique 440

Great for active outdoor conditions

  • ALL the features of the Dream™ 330

  • 15 channels of excellent sound resolution for scintillating clarity

  • 9 fully automatic class programs to optimize the sound environment

  • Great for listening to music with great pitch reproduction and minimal distortion

  • Free follow up for hearing aid life by a BSc level audiologist

  • 2 Years Free Batteries

  • 4-year warranty

From €799 with the grant

Widex Evoke 440 Passion Style

Evoke 440

High tech wireless connectivity to your devices

  • ALL the features of the Unique™ 440

  • Stunning natural sound quality

  • Streams ALL audio directly from your iPhone wirelessly to your hearing aids including phone calls and music

  • The companion App allows users to adjust and control their hearing aids via the app

  • Free follow up for hearing aid life by a BSc level audiologist

  • Free Batteries for Life!

  • 4-year warranty

From €1300 with the grant


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a simple promise, your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back within 45 days, no quibble, no argument

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