Blackberry Hearing works hand in hand with Affidea Group, the leading provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatients service in Ireland, in Cork City and many other locations nationwide. The Cork City Blackberry Hearing clinic is located in Affidea ExpressCare in the Elysian Building, on Eglinton Street in Cork.

Our Cork Audiologist

The resident audiologist is Una Maguire, MSc Aud, who graduated with her Masters degree from Cork’s own University College Cork. Una Maguire joined Blackberry Hearing in 2019. Una is passionate about providing quality and affordable hearing care while maintaining good clinical standards which is what attracted her to Blackberry Hearing. In Una’s own words “My aim as an audiologist is to improve the overall quality of life of my clients by providing top quality hearing care in a holistic and patient-centered way. What I love about working for Blackberry Hearing is that the aftercare we provide is really very good which contributes to better outcomes for our clients.”

In her spare time, Una enjoys pub quizzes, traveling and playing the fiddle. A native Irish speaker Una, is known for radio interviews on all things Audiology and most recently appeared on The Pat Kenny Show in the Ask The Expert slot. As Una might say – Seirbhís trí Gaeilge ar fáil le Úna más mian leat. So if you have said to yourself  “no idea what that means” having forgotten your Leaving Cert Irish, then it translates as “ You may consult with Una in Irish, should you want to”, I think!

Booking Your Hearing Test

Should you have a concern about your hearing loss, or that of a loved one, or if you are looking for the best hearing aids in Cork, you may book a free hearing test consultation with Una by calling 01-6978470 which brings you through to Blackberry Hearing’s head office in Kildare. You will be informed about the process, prices, grant eligibility and booked in, all before you meet Una for your free assessment. With uncorrected hearing loss identified by the World Health Organisation as a key contributor to poor mental health and cognitive decline as we age, it is never too soon to have a check-up, should you have hearing concerns.

Your appointment and what to expect:

Travel to the Elysian Building, in the middle of Cork city, where there is plenty of parking.  Enter Affidea ExpressCare, where the Blackberry Hearing clinic is located. You may even enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee during your short wait! During the consultation, which takes an hour and fifteen minutes, Una will ask you questions to determine the nature of your concerns and develop a background file on your hearing health. Your hearing capacity will be fully tested using the latest audiological equipment. Results are explained to you and your accompanying family member in a clear and understandable way so that you gain a better understanding of your hearing health and the solutions available to you. If you have hearing loss you will even have the opportunity to try on hearing aids, programmed to your loss, to check out effectiveness and comfort.

A Happy Cork Hearing Aid Wearer:

Terence O’Sullivan is one of our many customers from Cork. He, like many others, has commented on his experience with Blackberry Hearing on Facebook, see below. Hundreds of other testimonials may be seen at .The positive customer comments are no accident. The Customer First ethos comes from the company founders’ mission to deliver great hearing solutions to people at better prices and to leave no stone left un-turned to provide an exceptional customer experience. Blackberry Hearing uniquely employs BSc or MSc level audiologists and combines this with the latest hearing technology at more affordable pricing. This is the reason for the very high level of positive customer experience. All testimonials are validated and linked to Facebook.

Terence O’Sullivan
 “Changed my love’s life, honestly don’t go beyond BlackBerry”