Blackberry Hearing Aids – The ‘Smart’ Choice!

Why Blackberry Hearing?

Because we are the truly smart choice for Hearing Aid users. Not only are we the most cost effective and affordable hearing aid provider in the Irish market (at up to 50% less expensive than other providers) but we also offer the very latest in hearing aid technology. We are constantly researching and sourcing the highest quality products for our customers.

With that in mind, we are delighted to offer the new Evoke™ model from Widex.

What makes the Evoke™ so special?

The Evoke™ offers exceptional technology not found in any other model! Not only does it use the latest technological advances to ensure the clearest, highest quality, natural sound possible, but it also uses smart technology to pair your hearing aids to your smart phone so that you can stream music and phone conversations directly to your Hearing Aids. This makes it possible to enjoy music once again as you used to!

The capability to stream your phone calls directly to your hearing aids means that you can make and take hands free phone calls.

But further, and perhaps most impressive, is the fact that the Evoke™ learns from you and improves upon your preferences as you use it. This means that every time you use the Evoke™, it evolves. When you personalise your listening preferences, it learns and adjusts to suit your own very personal preferences, thereby creating an experience suited to you.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Well it means that now your Hearing Aid knows the difference between classical and rock music, the differences between being indoors or outdoors and the adjustments needed between being in a meeting or a busy restaurant. It learns, it knows, it evolves and then it keeps up with you!

The environment around you is always changing and so your Hearing Aid needs to adjust to you and your movements so that you don’t have to! That’s what the Evoke™ does – it reacts to the changes in sounds around you through its Fluid Sound Analyzer.

That’s what makes the Evoke™ so smart!

You can teach your Evoke™ Hearing Aid your own preferences using the Evoke™ App, directly from your smart phone.

To find out more about the Evoke™ Hearing Aid, click here or call us today on 01 697 8470.