Protecting Your Hearing This Summer

Summer is one of the most enjoyable times of year with many people spending more time socialising, attending concerts and festivals or venturing out to restaurants and parties.

Summer is also a time that many of us take to the garden or the outdoors to carry out maintenance work or to exercise.

Whilst all of these activities should be enjoyed and embraced, those with hearing loss do need to give special consideration to their hearing and their hearing aids.

Here are our top tips for protecting both your hearing and your hearing aids this summer:

  1. Concerts and Festivals. Concerts are a wonderful way to enjoy the Summer, but taking care of your hearing, whether you have hearing loss or not is of utmost importance. Prolonged exposure to loud music is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Packing some discreet ear plugs could help reduce your exposure to excess decibels and is especially important when taking children to concerts.
  2. Outdoor work: Many people wait until the Summer to undertake garden maintenance or heavy duty work outside. Often this involves the use of loud machinery – even prolonged exposure to lawn mowers will have an impact on your ears! Wearing headset worn ear protection, which can be bought at your local hardware shop is a must for protecting your ears this Summer.
  3. Outdoor exercise: When exercising outdoors, hearing aid wearers need to be extra careful to avoid getting sweat or sunscreen near their hearing aids. You should remove your hearing aids when applying sunscreen near your ears and, where possible, avoid wearing your hearing aids during vigorous exercise that might cause excessive sweating. If you do get your hearing aids wet, you should take the out, dry them and clean them.
  4. Swimming: Our range of hearing aids are designed to be water resistant against rain or light splashes. However, if you are swimming or bathing, you should remove your hearing aids as they are not completely water proof! Be sure to store them in your dry case, where they are fully protected.


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